Dial Zero

Posted November 3, 2008 9:00am


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  • PRICE: Free
  • EASE OF USE: 2
SUMMARY: Get tips on how to reach a live person at hundreds of toll free numbers

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Dial Zero is a call assistance app for the Android platform that helps you get directly to a live person when calling a toll-free number. This app operates in the same function as the iPhone counterpart and actually offers the same comment interface, so you'll see plenty of user comments already populating that field.

The main page will allow you to search or browse through all of the companies in the Dial Zero database. Selecting the specific company you were looking for will bring up a profile page that provides you with the title of the name of the company, their toll-free number, instructions on how to get a live person, and tips from other callers. You can actually press the phone number to initiate a call directly from the app.

If for some reason you're more interested in the comments area of the app, you can read through the latest comments tab. This shows you, by company, all of the most recent comments left by other users of this app. Unfortunately, few of these comments are informative. If you'd like, you can even pit your wit against fellow app users in the head to head area. This is basically a forum with specific topics for fanboys to flame back and forth in.

The downfall of this app is the tips from other callers area. This comment area is not moderated and is full of some awful stuff. This is the worst part of the app and can actually turn many users off from keeping this app over simply searching google for the information. Besides the comments field, this app is very handy to have on your Android phone

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