Posted December 26, 2008 10:33am


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  • PRICE: Free
  • EASE OF USE: 5
SUMMARY: View your text messages in an iChat style thread and type with the onscreen keyboard

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ChompSMS is a text message handling app for the Android platform. This app functions in ways similar to how the core Android text messaging system works, but offers quite a bit more customization to make it worth using instead. It also offers its own brand of text messaging as well.

ChompSMS isn’t kidding around with what they bring to the table. First off, all your text messages you receive will be available through ChompSMS and the main text messaging app. When you pull them up in ChompSMS they’re listed out in the same fashion as well. It’s when you go to reply to one or read one that you notice the difference. The entire thread of text messages is laid out just like the iPhone in iChat styled bubbles and you can even use the on screen keyboard that pops up when you’re in portrait mode.

Once you get over how excellent that is, you can open up the setting menu and check things out here. This allows you to customize everything about the app. From the type of notification to which service your text messages are being sent through. That means that if you decide you don’t want a text message plan and would rather use ChompSMS which can be cheaper depending on where you’re trying to text to and from, you can do so by just pressing a button.

While ChompSMS is obviously used to push their own service, it’s not in your face at all. You can honestly use this app on a daily basis and never even think about their service. Before you switch over to this app completely, remember to turn off the notifications on your default messaging app so you don’t receive double notifications every time you get a text. We definitely recommend you download this app.

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