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Posted October 29, 2008 12:51pm


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SUMMARY: A budget manager for the Android platform

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Budget Droid is an app for the Android platform that helps you budget out your expenses when on the go. This app is really useful, to the point where it even defaults to having Alcohol and Video Games as two of the categories pre-programmed with this app.

There are four different areas to Budget Droid: Purchase, Budgets, History, and About. Purchase lets you select a category, enter the total, add notes, and add the transaction to your list. Budgets is where you would set a monthly budget for a category or create a brand new category to use. In the History area, you'll see a breakdown of your budget, amount spent, remaining, and transaction history.

This app works really well and doesn't have any complicated features. Unfortunately, it does seem to be missing two really useful features that would make it perfect: the ability to sync with your desktop and password protection. The first option could be handled through email or any other form and would make this app very versatile. The second would just add that little bit of extra security to this app.

Budget Droid is definitely handy and works really well for what it does. Surely these functions will be added to the app at some point, but for right now, they definitely don't take much away from it considering how close to launch it is. If you're in need of a budget management app for your Android phone, check out Budget Droid.



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