Posted December 4, 2008 4:32pm


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  • PRICE: Free
  • EASE OF USE: 4
SUMMARY: A full featured social networking app for the Android platform

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BuddyMob is a social networking app for the Android platform that offers up quite a bit. If you’re looking for a one shot social media app for your phone, then BuddyMob might be the app you’ve been waiting for.

Registration for this app is simple, so once you get through that you’ll be able to take advantage of what this app has to offer. The app is broken down into four different tabs: Home, Contacts, Feeds, Map, and Chat. You’ll spend the least time on the home screen as it is only a place to log in and easily post a new message. The contacts screen will list out all of your friends that you’ve added to BuddyMob. To add a new contact, just press menu and add contact.

In the feeds area you can see all the posts made by your contacts and even set it to incorporate Twitter as well. You’ll want to change how often Twitter updates as the app will default to checking everyone one minute. If you’d like to post a new message all you need to do is press menu then post and select if you want it to cross post on Twitter as well. The map feature will default to showing you but you can view all of your contacts. If you’ve set them to track you can actually monitor when they move as well if you’d like to be a stalker. The last tab is a chat tab where you can instant message your BuddyMob contacts or your MSN messenger buddies.

This app does have its bugs, but it’s definitely worth checking out. With the ability to have it alert you when any sort of update is received, this app is definitely something everyone with an Android phone should have. There are plenty of settings to let you customize it to your liking as well, so download BuddyMob and make it your own.

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