Baseball Superstars 2010

Posted July 18, 2010 2:08pm


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  • PRICE: $5.99
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SUMMARY: Play a whole new version of baseball with this arcade game.

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Baseball Superstars is an app from Gamevil focusing on America's great pastime: Baseball. The game is a cartoon version of the sport and I must say is a very well made game. The app's main focus is building a character of your own an following them throughout their baseball career. You can choose from either a pitcher or a batter and help them gain the recognition as being a pro player.

The game has plenty of modes to play through and I must say is the hardest baseball game that I have ever played. The controls make perfect sense for an Android phone but there is so much to control and do that I found myself personally just trying to make sure I hit the ball. Following my batter through his career, I was able to train my abilities and purchase new equipment that made me faster, more accurate, and hit with more power. The game for the most part did a great job telling me how much I actually sucked at it. There is a huge amount of ablities and factors to consider when playing through a league but you can bypass all of that and just play an exhibition game if you need a quick game.

Overall, the game has so much content it feels like a full-fledged game that could easily find it's way onto any major handheld system. The game clocks in at a medium price but considering the quality of this version and how much you are getting, it is definitely worth it. Check it out.

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