Posted October 27, 2008 7:24am


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SUMMARY: Two puzzle games in one. Unfortunately, it's only half done.

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Asqare is a puzzle game for the Android platform that offers two different game modes: Bijoux and Bouche Bee. You'll find that these two game modes are very similar to the classic games Bejeweled and Jawbreaker. Unfortunately, Asqare comes across as incomplete to the point where it even lacks any indication that you're out of moves.

Bijoux is the first of the two games that Asqare has to offer. You're present with a screen full of squares and circles with a goal of moving one piece in an adjacent direction to achieve three or more in a row. Up until this part, the game is exactly like Bejeweled. Where it gets different is that you can swap a piece even if it won't create three or more in a row, but it will cost you 10% of your current score. This essentially means the game has no ending.

Bouche Bee is the second of the two games that Asqare has to offer. In this game, you need to tap combinations of two or more colored shapes near each other to remove them. This game is Jawbreaker except that more pieces fall whenever you eliminate some. This game can end, but you'll have to figure that out for yourself considering the developer has stated that there is no indication for being out of moves.

Asqare is two puzzle games we've seen dozens of times before. Unfortunately, this time, the game has worse graphics and notifications than probably any other cell phone clone of Bejeweled or Jawbreaker. With all the other games available for the Android platform, you can definitely skip this one.

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