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These NFL Android apps are worthy of Super Bowl glory

by Marty Gabel

During the big game, why not keep your trusty Android device by your side and discover a handful of choice apps that might just make your Super Bowl viewing a bit more interactive and fun. And, if the game doesn’t hold your attention, or the thought of enduring Joe Buck’s inane ramblings makes you recoil in horror, well, you’ll at least have something else to focus on instead.

NFL Mobile is free, sure, but there’s a caveat: if you want to watch the videos, you’ll need to be a Verizon subscriber and pony up $10 for the V CAST video app. But, if you’re a fan of football, the live audio broadcasts are free, you can track your fantasy players, and there’s plenty of breaking news, score alerts, and game trackers to keep you occupied, all of which could come in handy if you’re away from the TV on game day.

American Football News Center may be a bit of a mouthful, but it’s chock-full of content including headlines, news, videos, live scores/results and standings. It’s only been out a few months, but the developers appear to be updating it regularly and adding more features each time. This is one app that should keep you happy right through the off-season too and well into 2012.

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With the free ESPN ScoreCenter app you know you’re going to get up-to-the-minute scores from games in progress, as well as plenty of features, news, and analysis of the NFL. And if you’re bored of football already, there’s a multitude of other sports to read up about like baseball, soccer, hockey, cricket, and more. Check the reviews in the Android Market first though: there’s already a lot of complaints that the app is somewhat buggy. Still, you never know, once fixed this is one app that could... go... all... the... way.

Formerly Sportacular from Citizen Sports, the company that produces Live Scores was taken over by Yahoo! but they’ve continued to improve this free app, despite a somewhat rocky start. One great advantage of Live Scores are the score alerts. If you can’t make it to a TV to watch the game, but at the same time are somewhere where you won’t be able to gawp at your Android for hours on end, then those handy alerts could keep you up-to-date on the latest plays with the smallest of glimpses at your phone, and you won’t have to disturb anyone.

Think you know more than Curt, Terry, Howie, Jimmy and Michael? Check out the free NFL Football Trivia app then and prove yourself. Try the free demo, or upgrade to the full version for 99 cents, if you’re feeling super confident. Get seven questions right and you’ll proceed to the playoffs. Eight, and you’ll reach the Super Bowl itself. Nine? You guessed it, you’re a winner... Nineteen? And you’ve matched the number of interceptions Brett Favre threw this year. Ouch.

Your regular season fantasy football league has probably already disbanded. But, if you still need to check up on your stats, brag to your buddies about how choosing Michael Vick this year was an inspired choice (despite them all berating you for it at the start of September), then it’s time to re-open the free Yahoo! Fantasy Football ‘10 app again and show off.

Talking of showing-off, how about some cool wallpaper for your Android device so you can make sure everyone around you knows what a loyal fan you are? NFL Wallpapers is a free app which has already been downloaded more than 250,000 times, so it must be doing something right. Remember, these are not installed as an application, you must select them from your phone’s wallpaper settings once you’ve got them onto your device.

Hey Giants, Cowboys and Vikings fans: sure, expectations were high and your boys didn’t exactly have the best of years, but don’t despair. Install the free Countdown Widget and you can calculate the exact amount of time until the start of the new NFL season! Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 8 (contingent on the new collective bargaining agreement, naturally), by our reckoning that’s merely 215 days, 6 hours and 3 seconds away. Not that we’re counting or anything...

Heck, at least we can all be thankful that we won’t have to see Bill Belichick’s horrendous cut-off sweatshirts for a few more months.

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