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Recipe Search Android app offers a digital community cook book

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Recipe Search for your Android phone is a bit more simple than the $5, elaborately designed recipe apps that are piling up. Not created by chefs or the creators of cooking shows, Recipe Search seems to be a compilation of recipes from various sources, and it feels like a community cook book.

It's a great resource if you're looking for something new or different. The app has a bunch of different categories: Main Dishes, Appetizers, Drinks, Side Dishes, Snacks & Appetizers, Desserts, Ethnic Recipes, Soups, Fruits, Grains & Vegetables, Stews and Special Diets. What's special about Recipe Search is that each category has several sub-categories, for example, Main Dishes includes casseroles, egg recipes, crock-pot recipes, etc. There are thousands of recipes.

The app also mixes things up a bit with its more “alternative” section (Miscellaneous), where you can find “Medieval Recipes,” dinner ideas for children, pet food recipes and things to make while camping, just to name a few. There's also a place to go if you're looking to create a menu for a holiday party.

Each recipe has reviews. Perhaps because the app is still quite new, though, I didn't come upon a recipe that had more than a handful of them.

I noticed that Recipe Search's meal preparation and cooking directions were pretty straightforward and didn't seem to be filled in with a lot of detail. Depending on how naturally baking or cooking comes to you, this could potentially be a good or a bad thing. To find tips or suggestions, you can hit the “recipeeps community” — a forum in which you can ask (and answer other people's) questions. You just have to create a user name to participate.

Recipe Search has photos with each recipe, allows you to bookmark your favorites and save a shopping list. You can easily share recipes and photos of your meals with friends through text, email or on your favorite social networking sites.

My favorite part about this app is that it caters to people with dietary restrictions and health conditions. The app doesn't have calorie counts or nutritional info, but this feature is coming soon.

As much as I admire a well-designed application, I have to admit that I really enjoy how simple and non-corporate Recipe Search feels. It's like the product of a community, yet everything is still easy to find.

The app's design is mediocre. The background on the main menu is of a photo of chopped green peppers. It's cute, but because the icons are also green, it's a strain on the eyes.

Recipe Search feels so organic and diverse, which is a refreshing step away from the more hip, expensive apps out there. Because it's free, it's a must-have addition to your collection.

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