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Free caffeinated Android apps for people who enjoy coffee

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Coffee isn't just that sludge they serve in your office and at the car dealership. For many of us, it’s a religion.

It is no coincidence that there are people out there who can't imagine going a day without the stuff and don't bat an eye at dropping hundreds of dollars each year in coffee houses. For some, it’s a cultural experience, a comfortable part of the morning routine or a beautiful work of art.

Whether you take your daily java black as night or you only occasionally find yourself sipping a lightly sweetened latte, there are a handful of apps in the Android Market to help you get the most joy out of each cup.

We have compiled a list of apps that will help you to track down local coffee houses, make your own coffee shop-quality beverages drinks at home or quickly hop to the front of that long line at Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks.

Coffee Shop Finder (FREE)

In the Starbucks age, we always seem to be near some type of establishment that brews and serves coffee. Coffee Shop Finder is a helpful way for you to track down all of the ones that are close by, whether they're corporate chains or locally owned.

Coffee Guide (FREE)

So you really enjoy a well-made cup of coffee. You went out and bought the fancy espresso machine and milk steamer. Now, how to make your favorite beverage? Coffee Guide is a database of all the popular espresso drinks you see on the menu at your favorite coffee house. Learn how to make a dry cappuchino, Con Panna or a latte by following the directions and referring to helpful diagrams.

Coffee Calculator (FREE)

Brewing a pot of perked coffee can be more difficult than you might expect. It's actually a delicate science, calling for carefully measured out cups of water and ground coffee. In case you're not sure what the proper proportions should be, you can avoid that pucker face (worn by either you or the people around you) and use Coffee Calculator to ensure that it tastes just right. Just let the app know how you like your coffee to taste—weak, strong or normal--and the number of cups you would like to make and it will measure out the correct amounts for you.

Coffee Run (FREE)

It is your job to pick up coffee for everyone that you work with, fun right? Instead of trying to decipher everyone's orders via their own chicken scratches or even your own rushed short hand, you can use Coffee Run to jot down what people want to drink. Just select your drink category (Is it a latte? Cappuchino? Americano?), then you can quickly customize each drink by tapping on the various icons for the size, type of milk, number of shots and more. Regardless of whether you're going to Tim Horton's, Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts, you'll be able to rattle off the order to the barista without struggle. Now, most of your worries will be focused on somehow getting it all into your car and back to the office, construction site or movie set without spilling it everywhere.

Starbucks (FREE)

If you're a serious Starbucks regular, you probably already have your card registered on the company's website. Instead of digging through your wallet, users can instead have direct access to their loyalty card via the Starbucks Android app.

This app is useful because coffee drinkers can either reload their cards, set their cards to auto-reload (users will get an email when a reload takes place), check a card's balance, and even check on rewards status whenever it's convenient.

Splick-it (FREE)

When you're in a rush, even a wait in a short line won't do. Splick-it for your Android phone allows you to order and pay for your coffee from your phone so that you can just walk in and walk right back out. Ignore the line, grab your drink and be on your way. The app only works with certain businesses, though, some of which include (but are not limited to) Bruegger's Bagels, Juice it Up, Smiling Moose and Brewing Market. The developers have noted, though, that new locations are constantly being added, so check back frequently.