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Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend with these Android apps

by Caitlin M. Foyt

It was a long, cold winter, but bathing suit and barbecue season is finally upon us. Memorial Day weekend is the best way to kick off the summer: lounging in the sun, firing up the grill, or taking the kids to the local parade.

Whether you and your family plans to hang close to home or hit the road for a short getaway, here are a few apps to help you to get the most out of your extended holiday weekend.

Back Yard Barbecue

Grill-it! ($0.99)

Hamburgers and hot dogs are kind of synonymous with Memorial Day, but that doesn't mean your holiday is incomplete without them. Mix things up a bit and throw some lamb, seafood, chicken or a veggie-friendly alternative on the grill instead. Grill-It! provides a whole bunch of outdoor barbecue-style dishes ranging from marinated chicken to more non-traditional recipes, like grilled pizza, for instance.

Anti-Mosquito ($0.99)

The warm weather means that mosquitoes will be making their come back. When body sprays and citronella candles just aren't enough, bite back with this insect repellent app. Anti-Mosquito mimics the sound of bats, which is supposed to keep the blood suckers at bay. This app works best when the volume is set to high.

The Weather Channel (Free)

You wouldn't stay cooped up in the house on a cloudless 75 degree day, would you? But, you wouldn't want your guests to get rained on, either. Plan for the weather accordingly by downloading The Weather Channel app for Android. It allows you to keep close tabs on the weather fronts that are headed your way, and know what to expect, whether your special event is days or hours away.

Google Sky Map (Free)

Memorial Day weekend is also the perfect time to lay down in the grass and gaze up at the starry night sky. Google Sky Map is a tool you can use to help distinguish one twinkling dot from another. The app can help users to identify stars, planets and even points out exactly which constellations you're looking at.

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For The Road

BAC Calculator (Free)

So you ran out of hamburger buns and could probably use another bag of ice. It's a little too far to walk to the grocery store and it's been awhile since your last hard lemonade. Before you go anywhere, though, you should double-check your BAC levels. With it being a holiday weekend, you can guarantee there'll be more uniformed officers on duty. This app calculates your blood alcohol levels so you can ensure that you're driving safely below the legal limit.

GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas (Free)

It's fun to get out of town for a camping trip or a tranquil visit to the family cottage, so don't let the price of gas ruin your weekend. Be smart about where you stop and fill up. GasBuddy enables users to see which gas stations they are nearest to at any given time, and how much gas costs per gallon at each location.

Trapster (Free)

Your GPS shows you how to avoid the worst of the Memorial Day traffic, but it might not know enough to warn you about other annoying obstacles along the way. Trapster for Android alerts you when there's an accident, construction or even road hazards up ahead. It also helps you to avoid any trouble with the police by letting you know when you are about to approach speed traps, red light and speed cameras and even police check points.

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