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Android apps to cure even the worst hangover

by Kate Currin

When you wake up the morning after with dry mouth, nausea and a splitting headache, you wouldn’t necessarily think to look to your Android phone for a cure, but you should. The Android Market is filled with helpful apps for relieving all sorts of ailments including ones from long nights out at the bar with friends. Here are five of my go-to Android apps for curing a nasty hangover.

Hangover Cures

The free Hangover Cures app for Android is a very basic app filled with different ideas on how to rid yourself or a nasty hangover. Cures include “Morning-after Bloody Mary,” “Dr P + Frappucino” and “Fizzy Bread.” This app is also great for a good belly laugh. My favorite is the “VooDoo” remedy, which involves embracing a Haitian hangover cure by putting black pins in the cork of the last bottle of wine you drank. It is a free app after all, so if your hangover is really killing you, you might as well try a couple of these remedies.

Hangover Remedy

By combining children’s music with nature sounds and photos the Hangover Remedy app ($2.99) aims to relieve your hangover with 20 minutes of relaxation. Simply pick your poison, liquor, beer or liquor and beer, and the app gives you a musical hangover remedy. It is recommended that you use the app with headphones and curl into the fetal position. The musical remedies sound a lot like musical mobiles for a baby’s crib so if you have one in your house, maybe try that first. Just don’t let your friends catch you hanging a baby’s mobile above your bed.

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

If all you want to do is curl up under the covers and sleep all day, check out the free Music Therapy for Sound Sleep app. This app is sure to have you soundly snoozing within a few minutes of this calm music, even with the blaring headache and awful nausea that accompanies a nasty hangover. For folks who usually hate sound apps for sleeping because of the typical animal noises, you will love the more subdued and classy sounds of this musical nap app. The app has a timer and an alarm making it perfect for everyday use as well.

GrubHub Food Delivery

I try to feed my hangovers as soon as possible. A nice greasy burger, fries and soda pop usually help ease my stomach after a hard night on the town. I used to roll out of bed in my sweats, put on the biggest pair of sunglasses I had, and make a trip through the drive thru of the closest fast food joint. Now, I use the free GrubHub Food Delivery app to have my hangover meal delivered to me. I still put on my sunglasses to greet the delivery person though.

Office Yoga – Care Your Health

If you have a workday hangover and no sick days to take, check out the free Office Yoga – Care Your Health app. This app offers gentle stretches to keep you alert throughout the day and gives you an excuse to get out of your chair and stop staring at the computer screen. Nothing is worse than having a massive headache and tackling a full email box so use this app to take hourly yoga breaks and stay sane when hung over at work.

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