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Savvy Android apps for stellar moms on Mother’s Day

by Kate Currin

This Mother’s Day, show your mom how much you love her by helping to fill her Android phone with savvy apps she can use every day of the year. Spend some quality time getting to know your mom a little better by scouring the Android Market for the trendiest apps to fit her unique lifestyle. Here are some savvy apps to get you started.

Gilt for Android

What mom doesn’t love to shop, especially for fashionable designer goods at discounted prices! Mom will love the exclusive and free Gilt for Android app. It is a sample sale every day right in the palm of her hand with access to clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, home décor and much more. Help mom add the Gilt clock sales widget to her home screen and she will never miss a bargain on her favorite designer goods again.

Weather Vogue

If your mom is a savvy fashionista, she will love the free Weather Vogue app. This stylish weather app delivers the daily forecast with a side of discounted fashion. Rain likely today in her city? How about a designer trench coat at 20 percent off? Mom can simply swipe through the days of the week to plan her wardrobe accordingly and shop for weather-related fashions as the seasons change.

My Coffee Card

Don’t just get mom a Starbucks gift card, set her up with the free My Coffee Card app. This way, she doesn’t need to carry her gift card around with her. The app puts a widget on her Android phone’s home screen and with a quick tap of the widget, up pops an easily-scanned code for her to pay for her coffee. Mom will think you’re an Android wizard when you help her download this app.

Family Tracker

Is your mom a nervous Nellie? Help her install the Family Tracker app ($4.99) on your teenage sibling’s Android phone so she can track them no matter where they go. You can set it up on both phones so mom can track them on-the-go, or simply install on your sibling’s Android and mom can track from a web browser. The app features the “Stealthy Ping” function that allows you to force an update even when the phone user closes the application. This app is also available for iPhone users.

Words With Friends Free

If you have a long-distance relationship with your mom, introduce her to the Words With Friends Free app. This is a super addictive Scrabble-like game that you and your mom can play all day, every day from afar. The app also has a chat function if your mom is known for her fancy trash talk during family board games.


Why not set mom up with her own personal app recommendations when you aren’t around with the free Appolicious app? Mom can build a library of her Android apps and see what apps her Facebook friends are using, including you. The app also alerts her to hot new apps, discounted apps and recommended apps based off her personal library.