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Enjoy the holidays with these Android apps for Easter and Passover

by Kristen Nicole

Easter is the biggest holiday this side of summer, and whether you celebrate with a worship service or an afternoon brunch, there’s an Android app for that. From the story of Passover to holiday meal-planning, Android’s got you covered. And let’s not forget about all the fun this holiday has to offer. We’ve got a couple great games on this list as well.

A good meal

From the Food Network, In the Kitchen: Recipes, Chefs has plenty of recipes and cooking tips for the Easter Holiday. The $1.99 app helps you plan your meals, with shopping list integration, a unit converter and a kitchen timer included. You’ll come to expect holiday specials as featured items on the app’s front page.

If you’re the type to meet for brunch rather than host an Easter feast, OpenTable can recommend local restaurants and set a reservation. The free Android app has a database of 15,000 or so restaurants in the US, Canada and UK. Search and filter restaurants by location or cuisine, see real-time table availability and read reviews from others.

Passover apps

Each year, Passover commences with two highly important Seder nights that mark the beginning of the Jewish festival. The Union Haggadah app offers a modern translation of the Hebrew text which is read from at the Seder ceremony. The $0.99 app also includes practical notes about staging the Seder ceremony, and details of its historic and cultural impact.

If you’re seeking a more orthodox approach to observing Passover, the English Siddur may be a helpful reference. This Android app comes with prayers, Torah and Bible references, Siddur songs and more. With English translations for Hebrew traditions, this edition of the Siddur is not for casual use. The pricey app normally retails at $7.99 (though there is a timely Easter sale from April 17-30).

To prepare for the Jewish Seder night, youngsters can download the Ma Nishtana app ($0.99) which can help them learn this important song. For a more Christian-focused look at the reason for this season, check the references provided in The Passover. This free app comes complete with illustrations and verses.

Bunny games

Angry Birds Seasons has received an Easter update, with 15 new levels and literal Easter eggs to uncover. This popular game series really knows how to get into the spirit of things--even the pigs don bunny ears in this release. See how quickly you can collect eggs and candy across each of the 15 new levels. Angry Birds Seasons is free to download.

The developers of Bubble Blast have also released an Easter-themed version, where your board orbs are colorful eggs. There are two game modes in this new Bubble Blast edition, where bonuses are signaled by multi-colored eggs or bunnies. With Scoreloop integration, you can boast high scores and share game developments with Facebook friends.

One of the memorable activities from this holiday season is decorating Easter eggs. You can partake this year, without the mess of dyes or smell of vinegar. Easter Egg is a simple paint app with an egg template, where you can decorate it with some “finger-painting” action. Create colorful designs and share your art with friends, via SMS or on Facebook and Twitter.