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Android apps for people who love their pets

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Cats and dogs are more than just the animals that live with us. They're our best friends and family members who love us unconditionally. Faithful, lovable and caring creatures, they not only keep us company, but they may also contribute our overall health and well being, reducing stress and anxiety, keeping the mind sharp, and helping us to stay active. Here are some apps for people who love their pets, want to keep them healthy or would like to get the most out of their relationship with their cat or dog.

Pet Care

Caring For Your Cat ($1.35)

This is a pretty comprehensive guide on everything you need to know to make sure that kitty is happy and healthy. There's information on the different breeds, how to keep your pet safe, and what kind of foods are best for you cat's overall well-being. It covers background on caring for pets with special health conditions like diabetes or disabilities and teaches you how to deal with kitty's behavioral issues such as her destructive tendencies or why she won't use he litter box. There are helpful tips and how-to information like giving fluffy a bath without her getting hurt (or hurting you) and cat training techniques.

Caring For Your Rescued Dog ($4.99)

Unfortunately, there are some animals out there who have suffered terrible hardship. Adopting a troubled dog can change lives for the better (both the dog and the people he goes to live with), but it demands a lot of patience and responsibility. This app lets you know what to expect when you bring such a dog into your home and shows you the specific ways you should care for him given his difficult past.

Dog Food Guide ($1.35)

Not all dog foods are created equal. Rover may happily wolf down his food, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's getting all of the nutrients he needs. Dog Food Guide is an app that helps you spot the warning signs: behavior like itching and scratching, licking his paws, and losing his hair that suggest that he might not be as healthy as he should be. It also educates you on what foods might be best for your breed of dog.

Cat Diet Calculator (Free)

Cats have a reputation for being sleepy, lazy animals with roly-poly bellies. While no one's going to fault a cat for being a little chubby, he or she shouldn't be obese. Cat Diet Calculator will ask you questions about your cat’s activity level and nutrition and then calculates their dietary needs and weight loss requirements. The app also has information on over 50 different breeds of cats and 900 different types of cat food.

Emergency Apps

Pet First Aid ($2.99)

Your kitten starts to choke on a toy or your elderly pup starts having a seizure. Do you know what to do? Pet First Aid is an app that has tons of different videos and illustrations to help you through emergency situations like cuts and bruises, choking, and CPR when there isn't a vet standing by to help. The app also keeps track of your pets' medical history and alerts you when it's time to schedule vaccinations.

PetTech PetSaver ($4.99)

PetTech PetSaver, like Pet First Aid, also has comprehensive first aid information, but it's also a helpful reference tool to look to when emergency strikes. The app has an emergency pet help locator, which you can help you find the nearest animal hospital. There's also a poison directory, which walks you through what to do in case your pet accidentally gets into chocolate, anti-freeze, pain killers or any other common household foods or chemicals that could be potentially harmful to them.

Pet Training

Dog Whistle Lite (Free)

A dog whistle makes noise at such a high frequency that it can't be heard by human ears. That makes it a non-disruptive training tool to have on hand when you're trying to teach Fido how to sit, come and stay. What's especially neat about Dog Whistle Lite is that you can manually adjust how the whistle sounds using the frequency slider. When you find a level that your dog seems to respond to best, it will be automatically saved so that you can have it later when you need it.

Dog Bite Prevention ($1.35)

Your dog's very loving, but he's also a bit territorial. So much so, in fact, that he can get a bit aggressive. You've had some close calls in the past and you're worried that one of these days he might actually hurt someone. Dog Bite Prevention is an app that teaches you everything you need to know to keep stranger, neighbors, friends and family members safe. The app lists warning signs, shows you how to resolve potential triggers and you can even learn some common dog owner mistakes that may promote aggression. The app also has some tips on how to teach puppy bite inhibition.

Bragging Rights

Rate My Cat (Full) ($0.99)

Rate My Cat is a social networking-like application in which users create profiles for the felines in their lives. Users can also view and rate photos of other users cats, send “meows” or “purrs” to other users, and post more images in their private pics section. There's also a free, lite version of this app, but it has some ads and users will find that its much more limited.

Pet Manager ($0.86)

Pet Manager is like a database for everything anyone might want to know about their cat or dog. The app allows you to create a separate file for each of your pets so that you can document their birthday, weight, medical history and names of vets, trainers and groomers. You can also create a photo album so that when you're proudly discussing your furry companion later, you’ll have your best photos at hand.

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