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Get reviews of local businesses from your peers with Bizzy for Android

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Bizzy feels like a mash-up between popular Android apps Foursquare and Yelp!, with a few extra fun features on the side.

You're still "checking-in" Foursquare style (this app refers to it as "checking-out") to let your friends know via Facebook and Twitter where you're at, but its main purpose is to collect your reviews of different businesses in your community for other users to refer to.

What's kind of neat about the app is that it builds a profile by asking you questions like: "Who's got the best formal wear?" "What's the greatest deli in the area?" "How about a great dessert cafe?" and "Best place to tan?" Based on your answers, Bizzy is able to make personalized recommendations. The more questions you answer, the more the app gets to know you, and the more accurate your recommendations become.

Bizzy also acts like a discovery service, allowing you to track where users with tastes similar to your own have gone.

The way it's organized makes it easy to see other users' reviews, too. There are tons of different categories. It feels like Bizzy has really covered its bases. Categories include restaurants, bars, shopping, home services, and everything in between.

While the app looks good, and works well, the review database isn't extensive. This is probably because the application is fairly new. While people won't have any trouble figuring out how the app works, it will take time to attract more users, who will, in turn, post more reviews. In the meantime, the app might not be as handy as more popular apps that have had time to bulk up on users, like UrbanSpoon and Yelp.

What I do like about Bizzy, though, is that because you find people with tastes that are similar to yours, you're more likely to trust the opinions in those reviews, rather than the ones you find posted by people you might have nothing in common with.

Because it's the best of two apps I use all of the time, Bizzy is the app of my dreams. It has a lot of potential, and I can't wait to see it flesh out.

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