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Android apps for sleepyheads

by Kristen Nicole

Blame it on the shortened, colder days or the bustle of the holiday season, but some mornings it just seems impossible to crawl out of bed. If you're without a nagging parent or spouse to kick-start your mornings, these Android apps can help get you going. Here are some ways to conquer those Mondays and beyond.

Perk up

Better Alarm Clock is one of the many useful apps from Better Android. It takes over your home screen with big numbers you can make out, even when you're blurry-eyed. Choose a clock interface (analog or flip clock), pick music for your alarm, and see how many times you can get away with the snooze button. Grab the pro version for $1.99.

Need a brain boost to get you out the bed? Try the Math Alarm Clock. This bedside alarm clock requires you to solve a simple math problem in order to shut it off or hit the snooze. This $1.99 Android app offers different types of math problems, ensuring you're cognizant of your situation before you sleep the morning away.

For a futuristic approach to better sleep and better mornings, grab the free WakeMate app. It accompanies a wristband that tracks your sleep, helping you determine the best time to wake. The idea is to avoid that alarm jolt that interrupts your sleep at the point where it's most difficult to wake up. Your data is logged and stored for later reference.

Is caffeine your thing? Try a few new flavors with Coffee Recipes. This free app comes with close to 100 recipes to try out on your espresso machine or your local cafe. Brews are categorized, and each recipe comes with an image, ingredients and instructions. Save recipes to your SD card for quick access, no matter how groggy you are.

Sometimes all you need is some vitamin D to curb the week fatigue. The KeepFit app keeps your diet aligned with your needs, offering info on the benefits of several food items, minerals and vitamins. Free, this Android app makes recommendations for several common health problems, along with lifestyle, diet and household tips.

Wind down

Groggy mornings are often a result of late nights. Ease your mind at bedtime with Mobisle Notes. It's a straightforward note-taking app, so you can jot down thoughts, tasks and everything else your mind is trying to file away, so you can focus on sleep. This free Android app comes with reminders, note restoration and sharing options.

For some, puzzles are a great way to wind down for bedtime. Concentrating on a single task can take your mind off the worries of the day. Brain Genius Deluxe is a good puzzle app to try, with your pick of puzzles and no plot to suck you in, or levels of succession. This collection of Android puzzles is free.

If SMS alerts wake you up at night, protect yourself with Silent Sleep. This free app will keep you worry-free, in case you're the forgetful type that leaves your ringer on. Pick a time for your ringer to mute and un-mute, and this set-it-and-forget-it app takes care of the rest. Silent Sleep for Android gives you one less thing to manage before you hit the sack.

Sleep mask not enough to lull you to slumberland? Zone out with some background sounds with Lightning Bug - Sleep Clock. The free Android app is a visual sound machine, with custom sound and timing combos. Relax to rain, white noise, storms and more. There's a clock included, in case you can't resist a peek.