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Mix things up with these Android cocktail apps

by Marty Gabel

So we’ve covered winemaking and homebrewing, but if you love to simply mix up the liquor and other ingredients you have at home to create crazy cocktail concoctions, here are some helpful Android apps you can add to the mix.

Liquor Hub Lite (Free)

You don’t want to start your road to cocktail creativity with sub-par liquor, so this is where Liquor Hub Lite (and its ad-free pro version for $1.99) come in. The apps offer both consumer and professional ratings on over 5,000 different spirits so you can avoid wasting money on something that’s going to taste gross (and mix worse). For convenience, the top 20 most-highly regarded vodkas, whiskies, tequilas, gins, rums and liqueurs are listed, and there’s a built-in barcode scanner so you can check up on the “vital stats” of something you see in a store.

Cocktail Flow - Drink Recipes (Free)

This handy free app (and its dedicated $2.95 tablet companion) offer a wide selection of drinks recipes complete with step-by-step instructions. Whether you’re a novice or a professional mixologist, Cocktail Flow has a number of useful features like being able to mark off which alcohol and ingredients you have at home so you can see what drinks you can make from them. There’s a smart shopping assistant, and you can browse recipes by event, occasion or base drink.

Mixology Drink Recipes (Free)

This is a great bartending and cocktail recipe app which is also available as an ad-free premium version for $1.49. There are over 7,900+ recipes here using 1,300+ ingredients, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something you like. For convenience, all units are available in both Metric and Imperial format. You can store what ingredients and alcohol you have on hand, locate nearby liquor stores, learn bartending techniques, and even choose a random cocktail directly from the app if you’re feeling adventurous.

Drinktini - Cocktail Recipes (Free)

If you want to discover how the professional mixologists out there do things properly, Drinktini might be able to help. While there are thousands of recipes offered within the app, you can also easily tap into the local bar scene or find nearby liquor stores using your current location (or a zip code you specify). As a useful extra, the developers embedded a “Call-a-Cab” feature so you can contact a designated driver if you find yourself a little worse for wear after a few cocktails at a nearby watering hole.

Formula Bartending Training (Free)

Formula Bartending Training is the definitive training resource for hospitality professionals, but it’s great for regular folks who just have a more serious approach to bartending. This useful app contains 50 instructional videos from spirits, coffee and bartending pros. Also, there are over 200 images and plenty of helpful step-by-step info. You’ll learn the seven basic formulas that can allow you to make almost any mixed drink via this indispensable resource for the budding bartender.