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Refresh spring cleaning with these Android apps

by Kristen Nicole

As the snow melts and the days get longer, you look around the house and realize it’s time for a purge. Shelves have gotten dusty, closets need to make way for warm-weather wardrobes and the whole house could use a breath of fresh, spring air. While spring cleaning may have been a daunting task growing up, these Android apps keep you on task and even help you prepare for next year. Grab the cleaning caddy, it’s time for the spring clean!

Good Housekeeping @Home (Free)

Good Housekeeping may take you back to the forgotten days of Home Ec., but this long-standing publication delivers tons of smart solutions for the home. You’ll get inspiration for cleaning and stain removal, each with their own category for articles and resources galore. It’s amazing how less stressful cleaning can be if you have the right tools, and Good Housekeeping’s Android app is indispensable. Got an avocado stain? Or ashes? Search the app’s Stain Buster guide to find tricks on cleaning every stain-maker known to man. The cleaning guide will keep you on the right track with instructions on how to work quickly and without breaking your back. There’s also a news and tips section, which is helpful for maintaining a healthy home even after spring cleaning is complete.

Spring Cleaning Planner ($0.99)

The annual spring clean can be a dreaded affair, but it doesn’t have to be. Stay on task and do the job right with the Spring Cleaning Planner. This Android app comes pre-populated with dozens of items, so you can do a few things you hadn’t even thought of. Add new tasks and items, get rid of the ones that don’t apply to your house, and set alarms for the things you didn’t get to today. You can also add notes, which is helpful if you’re sharing a list with another household member. Prioritize your tasks to work more efficiently, and sort through your list by alphabetical order to find the task you need.

Home Inventory (Free)

Sometimes the spring cleaning session is all about resetting your home, getting rid of the old and reevaluating the items in those boxes taking up space on the closet’s top shelf. The Home Inventory app helps you create an itemized database of things in your house, organized by room or category. You can add images or choose standard photos from the gallery. It’s a great way to keep track of your personal property, complete with summaries. You can email your inventory, with images, which can come in handy for reasons far beyond spring cleaning, such as insurance claims.

EggDrop - Local Marketplace (Free)

Want to make your spring clean worthwhile? Sell your unwanted items for cash. The easiest way to get rid of things in the house is in the local marketplace, which is why EggDrop is so useful for spring cleaners. It enables real-time buying and selling at the local level, so you can skip the auctions, promotions and shipping that comes with other web-based marketplaces. List items for sale, including pictures, and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist. You can search for items by location, and message the buyer or seller immediately. EggDrop is known for its masterful interface, which is cleaner than Craigslist and also more niche. There’s a reputation system built-in to track the best users, and unlike eBay, there’s no listing or transaction fees.

House Maintenance Schedule Pro ($1.99)

Now that you’ve cleaned your house from top to bottom, it’s time to maintain it so next year’s spring cleaning session won’t be so tedious. With the Pro version of House Maintenance, you can log the dates of routine maintenance your house needs, reminding you of due dates for certain tasks. The app includes a calendar with a month-to-month guide on home maintenance, helping you avoid disaster in the long run. Certain things are a must, like flushing the water heater, changing the oil in your lawn mower and sweeping the chimney. Other things like swapping your air and water filter, will keep the entire house cleaner throughout the year. Similar apps like HomeSmarts also give you more custom scheduling options.

App Cache Cleaner (Free)

While you’re taking the time to clean your house, spare a few moments to clean your Android as well. The App Cache Cleaner will help clean up your device, making it faster and freeing up more space for apps and files. Best of all, you don’t even have to root your device to run this app. There’s a one-tap option to clear all cached files, and it will auto-clear when you open the app as well. You can select specific apps to clear the cache, viewing apps by cache size or app name. App Cache Cleaner will also show you app details, and gives you the option of rebuilding an app list. Keep your Android running as smoothly as your refreshed home, making everyone a little healthier and happier.

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