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Horoscope Plus brings the stars to your Android

by Ian Black

I worked in the magazine business for a few years, and I learned that magazine publishers know a lot about what people like and don’t like about their publications. For example, horoscopes are incredibly popular. That’s why you see them in every newspaper and many magazines, and it’s probably one of the reasons Android owners download Horoscope Plus very frequently.

My sign is Aquarius, and the app informs me that my key characteristics are knowledge, humanitarian, serious, insightful, and, oh yeah, duplicitous. You can learn your sign's character traits, as well as horoscope readings for the current day, yesterday and tomorrow, or for the whole week, month or year. A couple of taps bring up an “affinity” reading (think love connection) between two signs. As always, the readings are vague enough that everyone can see themselves and their lives reflected in them — unless all this stuff is really true!

Nothing fancy goes on in the app. All the readings are text-based with little images for the signs. Shooting stars fly past occasionally to keep your attention. And, you can share your sign’s readings through social networks.

All in all, if you’re already a fan of horoscopes, this app makes them portable and fun to entertain you and your friends while on the go. If you’re not interested in horoscopes, this app won’t convert you.

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