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Trulia Real Estate & Rentals


by Trulia
Download this app if: you're a buyer, seller, renter or just interested real estate.


Advisor Review

Put a realtor in your pocket with Trulia's Android app — Trulia Real Estate Search is like having a real estate agent in your pocket.
 Just by typing in the specifics of what you're looking for — where you're interested in living (the app allows location and GPS search), property type, selecting either for sale or rent, price range, square footage...

Developer Notes

Finding homes for sale or apartments for rent has never been easier. Trulia’s top-rated real estate app instantly shows you a map of nearby homes for sale, open houses, or apartments for rent. With our simple-to-use filters, you can find real estate listings that match your specific search...


Buying or Renting? — Trulia already has a well-respected web presence, and this app complements the service very nicely.