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4.0 of 5 bars
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10 cards already loaded and working.

Title says it all. It even works for my library card. when I showed the library, they started suggesting it to the other librarians and had a sign up at the desk the next day!!!

it's a great app, but don't lose your cards just in case your phone runs out of juice in mid scan. ;)

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Works Great

Works great on my Dinc with a screen protector on it. Scanned easily the first attempt.

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Interesting concept, not compatible with stores.

  • Posted by etherealglimpse December 04, 2010
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, Students, Outdoors Enthusiasts, Shopaholics, Social Butterflies or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

This is a cool app and I like the idea. My keychain was filled with discount cards. The app works well at picking up the barcodes and filling up the database with your cards the problem comes when you have to scan them at the store to be used. Many times the scanner doesn't work or the cashier gets frustrated. Basically eliminates the possibility of using the self check out line because those lines usually don't even have a pull out scanner to line up.

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BuzzKiller...NOT...It's great!

  • Posted by fremdelafrem October 15, 2010
  • Recommended for Book Readers, Parents, Students, Animal Lovers, Music Fans, Shopaholics, Career People, Budget Hawks or Film/TV Fans

I was so psyched to use this app that I sat in my office with key ring in hand and scanned in all of my key rings. I then forced myself to do an errand that night and the Rite Aid clerk was unable to scan my bar code. He said it was due to the bright white back- light on the bar code screen. This made perfect sense to me since the Barcode Scanner App requires dim lighting in order to grab a scan. I would love it if I am mistaken but this app is BS.

12/14/10-- Ok, so I must retract my Review and say that I contacted the app builder directly because I really wanted this to work. Low and behold, they walked me through it and after turning my back light operation to a lower setting, it worked! Love this app and I have to apologize to the makers of Key Ring for my initial spoiled rotten review!

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Haven't used yet

I like the concept. I don't have any of these cards yet cause I don't like the idea of a pocket full of these things, even if it does save me money. Now I am going to get a few and see how this works out for me, seeing I carry my cell all the time. The 3 bars is for the idea and to actually get me thinking about getting some of these savings cards.

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Won't scan

At Staples they told me they had never gotten a barcode to scan from phone. Haven't tried it anywhere else.

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Want a smaller wallet?

  • Posted by rconboy September 01, 2010
  • Recommended for Shopaholics or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

I love not having to carry around all these reward cards. Great tool. Wish I had thought of it.

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No more lost rewards!

  • Posted by GirlGoneGeek August 16, 2010
  • Recommended for Shopaholics

I love being able to keep all of my rewards cards - and even my library card - stored in this app. It's so simple to set up, just scan your card and save it in the app, and when you're at the checkout the cashier can scan your phone (which you always have with you) instead of your rewards card (which you always forget).

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