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  • App review for Trap!
  • Posted by DragonFear May 01, 2013
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, Gamers, Parents, Students, Career People or Budget Hawks

this is a game that brought me throughout my android days all the way from 2011 when i had my first android phone.

basically, you have to seal areas that are filled with balls hovering around. to seal an area you have to swipe out a line and form and area without any balls inside. the objective of the game is to seal a least 75% of the game board to advance to the next level.

you are given 3 lives which are deducted when the ball touches your line when the line is not fully completed. you are also given turbo, when activated the line will be formed quickly, to prevent the balls from touching it while the line is being formed. as the level progress, the number of balls and speed will increase.

there are also in-game bonus if you seal the area that contains these bonuses. some are time bonus, ball freezes, and score multipliers! extra points will also be given based on the time and if you can seal and total area of 80% and above.

the only drawback of this game is that it is a single player game. you cant share the scores online. but nevertheless, it will promises hours of fun.

it has a small memory usage and it is compatible with almost all OS versions (from 2.1 onwards, not sure about dounts)

so come on, download it and try it! i believe this is one of the arcade games that is underrated in the play store. come on, it is really fun!

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double the fun!

  • App review for 4 Player Reactor (Multiplayer)
  • Posted by DragonFear April 30, 2013
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, Book Readers, Parents, Students, Animal Lovers, Outdoors Enthusiasts, Social Butterflies, Budget Hawks or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

another game similar to 2 player reactor, but this version is a lot more flexible and it have a whole lot more playing modes!

for those who are new to 2 or 4 payer reactor, in short it is a game that puts your reaction skills to the test through a series of challenges. just by pressing a big button, you may find yourself to be staring hard at the screen, and waiting to strike for the moment for hours!

in this version of the reactor, you can choose the number of players,up to 4 players, and yes that includes 1 player mode! in this solo mode you pit yourself to aim for the best shortest time! in the display , they will show things details like your fastest reactio time, your average, number of correct and wrong attempts, etc. for every rong attempts they will automatically add 1000ms to your score( the times are measured in ms btw)of course that's a bad things cause we are playing for timings!

secondly, they intro a new concept that will help give an advantage to the wekaer palyers in the game, and i think they pulled it off quite well. in the 2 player mode, if the points difference between the 2 players is too large, the button of the stronger player will start to shrink! after shrinking it will even move from side to side, making it difficult to make the attempt at that precise moment. good idea! kudos!

in conclusion, more players mean more fun! so hurry and get this game! a great get together game.

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Words With Friends

Are you like me addicted to Words with friends the app on Facebook well fancy playing on the move you can now its excellent

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Stop Or I'll Shoot!

This is a good action shooter, if you're into the arcade-style as opposed to first/third person games. I think it's too expensive, but some might disagree.

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Running Man

Line Runner's graphics resemble old Tiger handhelds, but the game delivers on a level those games never could. Endless runners are the best!

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Run Away

Busting out of prison is tough, and Escape from Rikon delivers another running game where the goal is to get away from jail. It's a lot of fun.

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Great Physics Game

I wasn't sure what to expect from Rovio when they started expanding their game lineup after Angry Birds. Keeping to the Angry Birds theme I thought it would be very similar. It is, only because it is a physics puzzle game - otherwise it's a much different physics type game. It's actually quite a bit more complicated - you build your contraption and then have to run it to try and get to the goal. I find it very fun and fulfilling to see and run your contraption and get to your goal!

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RIp Off Un-Original

  • App review for NinJump
  • Posted by Siopaobun October 24, 2012
  • Recommended for Gamers

Ive been following ninjatown, trees of doom from the start and it is the original. Although it isn't that popular compared to this, because it's free, this game gets a lot of hype. I was highly disappointed by the game play and I have to say, trees of doom has better graphics, even more colorful and appealing. If its another thing we don't need, it's more rip offs of games, like doodle jump, temple run, etc.

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Tegra 3 terrificness

This game is the shape of things to come. Incredible graphics and fluid gameplay. Requires a Tegra 3 chip, at present. A few bugs and minor annoyances, but this beta version is VERY promising.

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Futuristic shooter fun

If you're a fan of shooter games like Gun Bros. you'll want to take a shot on this one.

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TheEndApp, which was very popular on iOS, is now on Android. It's a fun running game that takes places during the end of the world, and your goal is to collect items to help you survive.

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Order from Chaos

  • App review for CHAOS RINGS
  • Posted by pbj75 October 10, 2012
  • Recommended for Gamers

In Chaos Rings (made by the same company as Final Fantasy) you are randomly roped into a team-based competition to retrieve the chaos rings. It's a good RPG, although I got bored rather fast.

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Piggly Wiggly

In Bad Piggies, you build a bunch of amazing contraptions in order to get the green oinkers from one point to another. It's a lot of fun, and is completely different (aside from graphics) than Angry Birds in almost every way.

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Explosions Galore

Similar to the old console game Twisted Metal, INDESTRUCTIBLE lets you shoot up rival gun-toting cars online. So much fun!

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Fly Around the World

Pocket Planes is a simulation game that molds your business savvy. You can fully customize planes, pilot uniforms, and build an airborne empire.

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Run & Grind

In Subway Surfers you are running away from a typical authority figure. It is an endless running game that does everything right.

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Da Bomb!

The developers call FireLords an arcade game, but it's more like a classic maze game. Collect coins and blow up enemies.

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Fun Puzzles

For gamers The Curse plays like a series of mini-games equipped with a fair amount of brain-busting goodness. It's free, so check it out if you love solving puzzles that connect to a storyline.

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MY DRAGON excels as a pet simulation game. Sure, it's a bit far-fetched, but it's a decent solution for kids who aren't quite ready to own a REAL pet and could use the practice taking care of a digital one.

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Ground Rule Double

  • App review for BIG WIN Baseball
  • Posted by pbj75 September 10, 2012
  • Recommended for Gamers or Sports Fans

Fun baseball game! In addition to creating a full roster, you play card boosts that improve your chances of winning.

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