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Best browser

I really like what they've done with this. I use Chrome on the desktop and it's my browser of choice there. On Android, Chrome is again my browser of choice. There are sometimes some quirks, but in general, it's very slick to use. The UI for switching tabs is very well done and you can even get it to synchronise your bookmarks and settings with your desktop version. Best browser on Android.

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Such a slick retro RPG! Reminds me of those old RPG games I used to play as a kid on the Nintendo. The artwork is slick, the music is awesome, and I sometimes find myself lost just playing the game. I only played the free version, but there is a download pack you can get with an in-app purchase. I would buy it, but the free version is good enough for me so far.

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This service is very useful for project and task management. It works in a web browser too and is great to organising your projects into to do lists. Very effective if you're looking to implement an agile software development task list.

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  • App review for TextGenie
  • Posted by Deleted User August 27, 2012
  • Recommended for Tech/Social Networking Junkies

Now you don't ever have to worry about those indecipherable text messages again. This app can translate them and make sure you understand every word.

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Really handy -while visiting Russia

  • App review for TravelRussia (en)
  • Posted by oxanka August 27, 2012
  • Recommended for Road Warriors or Outdoors Enthusiasts

TravelRussia - the POI locator, "musthave" for any visitor to Russia. Shows location of the nearest hotels, banks and ATMs, subway stations, pharmacies, petrol stations, shops, cinemas, museums, police and post offices all over the Russia.
More than 200 000 POI, daily updated.

50 % discount! Only in AUGUST download it for half-price (now 0,99$)

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A good cause

This great app converts your store receipts into school donations. In turn, you earn exclusive rewards, bonuses and coupons. Everyone wins!

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Too funny! The levels are progressively harder and I swore (yes really!) more than once that a level was impossible, but eventually proved myself wrong :) The graphics are way cute, and the sound effects even better. Nearly dropped my phone the first time I heard some of them. This is a complete game with replay-ability, and lots of style. I grabbed the paid version off Amazon app of the day. I'm kinda jealous, I wish I had programmed it :)

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Physics Puzzler +

a nice play mechanic lets you guide the weasel on a parabolic path that you can see before releasing it, making your first attempt a lot more accurate than Angry Birds. Nice graphics and music, lots of level variety and some quirky characters should hold your attention a long time.

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A nice title that is simple to play, easy to put down, graphically excellent, and the puzzles don't get old. According to the leaderboards you do eventually run out of levels, but I'm a long ways off at level 16.

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LWP with 15 completely different environments

Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper by Hamster Beat brings together a series of high quality live wallpaper themes which are easily interchangeable and highly customisable. With 15 preset themes, Metaballs HD Live will ensure that if you ever get tired of your current background, there will always be another high quality theme to take it’s place.

As the name suggests, Metaballs is based on a series of floating balls which peacefully make their way around your homescreen. These balls can be left to their own accord or you can alter their direction by swiping your finger over them. The collision detection of Metaballs HD Live Wallpaper is superb and makes for some great animations. When multiple balls are in close proximity to each other, gravity pulls them together to give the effect of morphing into a giant ball for a split second. Eventually the balls will bounce off each other and go their own way, leaving a colourful trail in their midst.

Perfect for both phones and tablets and is definetely recommended.

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Finally on Android!!!

  • App review for Pinterest
  • Posted by Gittes August 16, 2012
  • Recommended for Social Butterflies

Finally! At last! 'bout time!...Your smug iPhone friends can officially stick it now that the Android version of this awesome social app has arrived.

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Must-Have for NFL fans

  • App review for NFL Mobile
  • Posted by BigDuke6 August 15, 2012
  • Recommended for Sports Fans

Official NFL app offers scores, team news, player profiles, stats, and a whole lot more. No-brainer app for diehard fans.

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Great for my kids!

Wonderful app for helping my little ones with reading. Lots of activities, great feedback, and a fun dress the pig game where they use the coins earned from the learning activities to dress a funny pig. Thumbs up!

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Free Definitions

This is a fantastic test prep app, especially for anyone taking the ACT, SAT, or GRE. Very very informative.

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Soundhound song identifier

  • App review for SoundHound
  • Posted by diamondmind50 August 13, 2012
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, News Junkies, Foodies, Gamers, Workout Junkies, Parents, Students, Outdoors Enthusiasts, Music Fans, Shopaholics, Social Butterflies, Sports Fans or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

Still not as fast as Shazam but the lyrics part of this app make it better than Shazam.

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no need for paid ringtones again

A. This app allows you to create ringtones from the music in your library or record new ringtones, alarms, or notification sounds. Once you choose the song you want, you’ll view a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file that you can zoom up to five times. Once you set the starting and ending pints of the clip, you can listen to it and save the file as a new audio file. It’s a simple and easy way to create ringtones of the songs that you like.

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Good app! A must to recommend.

  • App review for Video Chat by FriendCaller
  • Posted by DonaldBeaty August 10, 2012
  • Recommended for Workout Junkies, Students, Career People, Social Butterflies or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

Came across this app declaring about Rich Messaging. We friends gathered around and checked, I must say this is something remarkable what FriendCaller brought this time besides their OfferWall ofcourse.

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Been Waiting For This

  • App review for FlightTrack Free
  • Posted by danbiddle August 09, 2012
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, Parents or Career People

Yes! Although it has limited functionality and fewer options, a FREE version of FlightTrack is just what I need. You can track your flight without dropping a five dollar bill.

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So helpful it's not even funny

  • App review for Wheres My Droid
  • Posted by htforman August 08, 2012
  • Recommended for Parents, Students or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

I am rather careless when it comes to the placement of electronics. I always misplace my phone somewhere in my house and this app is absolutely perfect for helping me find it. Every android phone user should get this app right away to insure that they never lose their phone. Even if you left it on silent mode, the app overcomes that and still rings at a high level to help you find it. By far one of my most useful apps.

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