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ASL Lite

  • App review for ASL Lite
  • Posted by xoomxoom February 29, 2012
  • Recommended for Gamers, Parents, Students or Social Butterflies

An excellent intro to ASL. I especially love the multiple choice quiz. A great way to expand vocabulary!

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Yes, I just shot you

Since the dawn of the camera phone man has dreamed of delivering ‘one to the head’ to fellow commuters, colleagues and, of course, the end-of-level-baddie: the boss. That dream is now a violent, blood-spattered reality thanks to Camgun, an app that lets you mow down any in the vicinity of your ‘droid’s camera. These guys have a new app in the market called Fear the Reaper too. Check it out.


Camgun overlays a gun and sight onto your camera’s viewfinder and allows you to mete out lead-based justice to all who cross its path. There’s a dazzling array of weaponry on offer from dual 9mm pistols, to crossbows, to sub-machine guns, to knives, to hand grenades that can be deployed to devastating effect on your chosen quarry.

Certain weapons have neat ‘Easter eggs’ included – a long tap on the screen when using the pistol brings up a second gun for ‘dual-wielding’, while sighting the sniper rifle brings up a reticule that can be used in standard or ‘night vision’ negative mode.

Should you wish to record the ensuing carnage, you can snap a pic by hitting the ‘photo’ icon on the bottom left of the screen. Sadly, there’s no option to record video from the app.

Camgun is a lot of fun and we’re sure you’ll revisit it periodically making the 86p outlay justifiable. It’s certainly a lot more fun than you can have with more or less anything else that costs less than $1. Feel free to correct us if you know of another, non-app use of 99 cents that’s more enjoyable…

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Spruce up your phone for spring

This app has great "spring" wallpapers to help you transition into spring.

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Bloomin Spring

See evidence of spring via this app's 50 images of blossoms - peach and cherry tree and more. Can be used as wallpaper too.

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This is really a great mobile mmo.

I love this addictive game. It crashes a bit too much but the game is good enough for me to deal with it. They are always adding new content which is great. There is no guides or how tos on their main site but I did find which has a ton of useful information. All in all, the game is well worth the time and money (FREE)

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Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

With Stardom, you can be an actor or actress, and rise through the ranks by filming movies and winning awards. It's addicting, for sure!

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It's summer (well, almost)

Great to see premium subscribers now get access to the full At Bat privileges (audio, video) for free now. But even if you don't subscribe, this is still an essential app for the baseball lover.

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Ready for summer

As ever, is here in time for Spring Training. I like the fact that MLB.TV subscribers can now get the full-featured app for free just by signing-in to the Lite version.

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Surf's up

See the conditions of over 2,000 beaches around the world before you take to the seas.

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Pay your fair share

This app lets you track your expenses and manage the spending across a group of people. Especially handy when travelling with friends or parties.

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Keep it under control

A great way to stay on top of your trip and make sure your vacation is well organized and fun.

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Build a great hotel and keep all the pets happy in this cute simulation game.

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Screeching Weasel

Cool physics game with lots of levels to enjoy and plenty of exploding animals.

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Useful way to fill in electronic forms and get them signed efficiently and easily.

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Unique & hilarious

  • App review for Mischief Mogul Premium edition
  • Posted by addybaddy February 29, 2012
  • Recommended for Road Warriors, Gamers, Workout Junkies, Parents, Music Fans, Career People, Sports Fans, Film/TV Fans or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

When i saw the description , i just wanted to download this one! its really hilarious and great entertainment. A naughty story line and grt game play , make this game a must have. recomend only to adults though

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Watch for cones

Fun little take on racing games, but this time it's all about stopping and parking properly. Good for free, but needs a few more levels.

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Save yourself!

Good, fun action game for your Tegra-enabled tablet with plenty of blasting and destruction.

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Keep fit and motivated with this handy app!

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NFL Pro 2012

This game is awesome on tablet that I had to delete it because I was so addicted. Recommend for football fans and newbs.

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Best App

I've been using this app for some time now and it is Awesome! If you are serious about keeping track of what you eat and your weight loss then this app is for you!

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