Using QR codes to download apps


What are QR codes?

QR barcodes like the one to the left make it easy to download apps to your Android phone. We show these codes on Appolicious Android Apps when you click "download this app."

How do I use them?

To use these barcodes, you need to install a reader app on your Android phone - we recommend Barcode Scanner. On your phone, search the Android Marketplace for "Barcode Scanner," then install it.

Once you're up and running with the app, you can use it to scan (by taking a picture) Appolicious Android Apps' QR codes displayed on your computer screen. Barcode Scanner reads the QR code and sends your phone's browser to the app download link.

Why do I get a message saying the app I want to download won't work on my phone?

Because different models of Android phones run different versions Android OS and because wireless carriers sometimes limit what apps can be installed the phones they offer, not all apps work on all Android phones.


To learn more about QR codes, check out the Wikipedia entry.