Machinarium tops Android Games of the Week

This is quite the doozy of a week. Three extremely notable titles have been released. At the top of that list is the incredibly charming and unique point-and-click adventure, Machinarium. Next up is the official Android port of Swords and Soldiers, which popularized side scrolling, lane-based RTS games. The mega popular Cartoon Wars gets an ... full article »

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Spirit of Wandering delivers puzzles for the patient


Let’s get the similarities between this game and the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise right out in the open. They both feature a ship Captain named Jack, romantic yearnings between lovers separated by adventure, an element of magic, and a ... full article »

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Empress of the Deep 2 wraps you in a fantasy puzzle


Ready for a puzzle-filled fantasy adventure? Whether or not you played the first edition in this series, feel free to jump on board – literally, as in a balloon ride to the Sky Temple – for some challenging fantasy fun in Empress of the Deep 2.

... full article »

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