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Stay on top of your favorite celebrities with these Android apps

by Kristen Nicole

We all love to dish on our favorite celebrities. After all, there’s something irresistible about the details surrounding the lives of the rich and famous. Stay up to date on the latest gossip, fashion, trends and concerts with these Android apps.

News and more

TMZ is synonymous with celebrity news, and now it’s delivered straight to your phone. The free Android app offers the snarkiest of commentary on breaking entertainment news, with outrageous titles, photos and videos to match. Share the best across the social web, and never miss a beat with TMZ. Twitter is also a great way to follow your favorite stars.

The Celebrity Tweets! app does all the work for you, acting as a shortcut to verified celeb accounts. From Ashton to Lady Gaga, you can get just the celebrity tweets, without even having to sign into Twitter. Skip the ads for 99 cents.

Issuu Mobile is a magazine reader, bringing celebrity publications straight to your Android. All items in Issuu’s network are free, with thousands of titles to choose from. The free Android app is also a discovery and recommendation tool, with ratings, groups and more. Issuu Mobile even supports offline access, so you can read when you’re not connected.

People Magazine doesn’t have its own official Android app yet, but you can still get regularly updated news on your phone. The People Celeb News app is dedicated to celebrity news, complete with photos from the red carpet and beyond. Get PEOPLE celeb profiles and bios along with your news, and share articles with friends. This app costs $1.99.

Celebrity Gossip is a news reader of sorts, aggregating entertainment content from a number of sources. Follow the latest news on your favorite celebs, including the best news feeds and many stars’ own Twitter accounts. Mark your favorites and share articles with friends, all for free.

Oprah Mobile is an Android app from the mega-celebrity herself. As part of Oprah’s media network, you’ll get clips from her show, radio segments, photos and articles. Oprah happens to be friends with every other celeb out there, so you’ll be sure to see some guest stars gracing this app as well which costs 99 cents.

L.A. or bust

Discover all you need to know about your favorite actor, with the IMDb Movies & TV app. This free Android app has lists of films and episodes a given actor has appeared in, plus photos and bios. Search showtimes, watch trailers, look up TV listings and movie releases and see which actors top the charts.

Find out about your favorite star’s upcoming flicks with Movies by Flixster. Watch trailers and read reviews from Rotten Tomatoes with this free Android app. Find movies at nearby theaters, and share items with Facebook friends. You can even add titles to your Netflix queue.

Gigbox is a great way to track your favorite music artists, with alerts for when they’re playing at nearby venues. Also a social network, you can chat live with others, rate artists, and share photos while you’re at the show. Gigbox is a free Android app, and also offers recommendations for new artists you may enjoy.