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New Android apps worth downloading: GymPact, Skitch update, ShaqDown

Jan 8, 2013

Today’s fresh apps kick off with GymPact, an app that can help keep your New Year’s workout resolutions by charging you for all those workouts you miss (but you get paid when you make it to the gym). We’ve also got an update to image annotation app Skitch, which allows you to write on images and send them to others. Finally, there’s ShaqDown, a running game in which former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal battles zombies.

Evernote app.

ShaqDown (Free)

What’s it about? It’s been years since basketball star Shaquille O’Neal was in a side-scrolling beat ‘em up, and this time he stars in the endless runner ShaqDown.

What’s cool? Yes, it’s an endless runner, but ShaqDown is actually a bit of goofy fun. Players taken on hordes of mutant zombies Shaq, dishing out everything from punches to flying basketballs to the face, to special energy blasts of superpowers (to the face). It’s a campy, Saturday morning cartoon style helps sell the whole experience as well, and ShaqDown sits comfortably among other endless runner titles that are good for killing a few minutes, as well as easy to learn and hard to master.

Who’s it for? Running game enthusiasts and fans of 1994’s Shaq Fu definitely need to check out ShaqDown.

What’s it like? For more solid running titles, try Rayman Jungle Run and I Must Run!.

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