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turntable lets you play music together with your friends and other people online. Each DJ takes a turn playing a song and the entire virtual room hears the song. You can vote on whether the song is awesome or lame and if it receives too many lame votes, it gets skipped.

turntable is also truly social. You can chat with people in your room or fan your...

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you want to play music together with your friends and other people online.

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Category: Music & Audio
Updated: March 18, 2013
Publisher: turntablefm
Version 2.4.5 [5.347738 MB]

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Appolicious Advisor Review Thumb Unleash your hidden DJ potential with the Turntable.fm Android app

Have you always dreamed of being a DJ? Well, even if you thought becoming a spin master just was not in the cards for you, you might just change your mind when you witness the free Turntable.fm app for Android. It’s a social music app made for getting the party started on your mobile device. You can unleash your inner DJ to entertain your online fan club. Social media integration makes it easy to start using the app b...

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    Offers a neat way to experience and discover music with friends and other people live and online.