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Android app Medscape targets medical professionals

by Ian Black

We've all heard about the push for the medical industry to get more efficient, and embrace digital technology more effectively. Medscape for Android arrives just in time to help in this cause.

The portal delivers this new medically-oriented app. It targets medical professionals, but anyone interested in particular medical subjects can learn something as long as they aren't thrown off by medical jargon.

A search bar sits front and center at the top of the screen. Because of the wealth of information and the fact that you're probably interested in a specific topic this could be the best way to interact with the app. A menu takes up the rest of the screen: "Reference" for an encyclopedic resource for drugs, procedures and conditions; "Interaction Checker" for issues combining prescribed medicines; "Medical News" for the latest in alerts and research findings; "Medscape Education" for access to WebMD courses; "Directory" for locating doctors, hospitals or pharmacies near you; and "Saved" for favorites.

When you search on a topic, the tabs appear in a tabbed format. You can quickly jump between matching results categorized by condition, drug or procedure. Again, regular folks might be overwhelmed by the medical terminology.

Although I'm not a medical professional, it's pretty clear that this app provides incredible access to a deep well of information. It's fast, easy to navigate and goes with you wherever you go. I'll be recommending the app to the doctors, physician's assistant and nurses that I interact with.

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