Developer's Notes for: myPrompts

Developer's Notes

myPrompts enables visual schedules, timers and choice boards to be created whilst on the more, to help people with developmental disabilities and autism communicate their needs or have a visual prompt.
- Visual Schedules (creating and editing)

- Activity timer (amend activity and durations)

- Choice lists (drag and select from a choice list)

- All supported with speech and sounds.

Images can be obtained from a central library, sourced from the Internet or from your devices camera.

Printed symbol cards can also be created using the application - which I find useful for creating schedules and reward charts at home!

Written and used by me to help communicate with my autistic child. Any requests for change/additional features are most welcome.



Why the permissions...and I can 100% assure you it is all totally innocent...

INTERNET - use the internet to access the symbol library and request hard copies of visual schedules to obtain a PDF. No personal information is sent/received.

CAMERA - use the camera to take pictures to use as visuals.


ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - I like to inform if wi-fi or mobile networks are being used, so data intensive tasks won't eat into any data allowance!

CHECK_LICENSE - checks you've purchased the app!


All revenue goes to help charities which help families affected by Autism.


I welcome emails, so any issues/ideas email me. I cannot response to issues via the comments section in the marketplace.

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