Developer's Notes for: Caffeine Tracker

Developer's Notes

UPDATE: New units added: centiliter for drink size units, kg for body weight. Streamlined UI for easier drink adding.
Tracks your current level of caffeine.
Simply record each drink you consume. Accounts for the natural metabolism of the caffeine in each
drink over time.

Pie chart colors show following:
green = caffeine in your bloodstream (this is the stuff you feel!)
blue = caffeine consumed, but not yet absorbed into bloodstream
red = caffeine consumed and absorbed, but metabolized from your bloodstream

Feel free to rate as you see fit, but please suggest features and bug fixes via email to:

* Set your desired caffeine zone with notifications!
* Share to Facebook, Twitter, ...
* Display drink sizes in oz. or ml.
* Add custom drinks
* Caffeine metabolism algorithm takes into account factors such as: weight, pregnancy, and use of oral contraceptives.

Available only in pay version:
* Charts!
* Ad free!
* Improved drink input
* Editable drinks
* New Chart! Level History and Projection chart will graph your caffeine level from a day in the past to a day into the future.


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