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Instant Heart Rate

Health & Fitness

by Azumio Inc.
Download this app if: you'd like to check your pulse using your Android device.


Advisor Review

Improve exercise sessions with Instant Heart Rate — The free Instant Heart Rate app uses the existing camera technology on your Android phone to measure your current heart rate. Simply open the app and place your finger carefully over the camera lens, making sure not to press too hard and to apply consistent, yet gentle, pressure. Within 10...

Developer Notes

★ The best Health & Fitness app on Mobile Premier Awards 2011 according to jury of industry experts ★
Instant Heart Rate is the most accurate Heart Rate Monitor app for any smartphone and it does not need any external hardware.

Use it for optimizing your exercise and to track your...


completely straightforward — This app does exactly what you think it does. Pros: turn your phone into a free heart monitor by placing your finger lightly on the camera lens. Cons: if you want to be able to continuously monitor your heart rate during a workout, you probably need to go a different route since doing cardio with...