Developer's Notes for: Medical Terminology & Abbr.

Developer's Notes

This Medical Abbreviations and terms App covers everything on terms and Abbreviations you will ever need to know. It comes with over 2000 flashcards and Quiz questions arranged in topics. First you study the flashcards then you take the quiz on every topic. by the end you will have it all ingrained in your mind. this is a handy tool for anyone in the medical profession.
-Flashcards with audio
-Flip mode
-Shuffle feature
-Instant grading
-in depth answers
-Regenerate Quiz

The Medical abbreviations and terms covers the following topics:

-Circulatory system
-Integumentary system
-Cardiovascular system
-Nervous system
-Endocrine System
-Reproductive system
-Digestive system
-Muscular system
-Skeletal system

the massive test database means you will rarely see questions that get repeated over and over. Every time you regenerate questions you get a new batch of questions

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