First Aid - American Red Cross

First Aid - American Red Cross

American Red Cross


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you want to take care of everyday emergencies.

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Category: Health & Fitness
Updated: June 02, 2014
Publisher: American Red Cross
Version v2.1 [46.137344 MB]

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Appolicious Advisor Review Thumb Get life-saving advice from the First Aid – American Red Cross Android app

Knowing first aid response can be life-saving in drastic situations. While you can’t prepare for every emergency, you can proactively learn how to respond to the majority of first aid issues. The free First Aid – American Red Cross Android app is now available on your device to help you get a grip on ghastly situations. The app’s interactive first aid quizzes make learning how to respond to emergencies a lot more fun t...

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    First Aid-American Red Cross by droidbot1000
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    Did you know that a strain is when a muscle is damaged and a sprain is when a joint such as a knee or ankle is damaged? I had no idea either. This is a very thorough app. It also has an EMERGENCY tab that will give you immediate info, so you don't have to surf through all of the categories. It includes a video and a call 911 button. Highly Recommend!

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