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Clouds & Sheep tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

HandyGames’ latest release, Clouds & Sheep, will make you anything but sleepy, while The Game Show Network made its debut on the Android Market with the launch of Lingo. Read about these, and some other fun titles, in this weeks best Android games list.

Clouds & Sheep (Free)

Another cute and fluffy title from Handy Games, Clouds & Sheep is a fun little casual game. Keep your woolly friends well-fed and entertained and they’ll give you Happy Points and more baby sheep for which to care. Use your Happy Points to buy different items to make life even more pleasant for your sheep. The challenge is keeping them away from danger, like poison mushrooms and heat strokes. Give them food and they’ll steer clear of dangerous shrooms, and proper shelter will protect them from too much sun or rain. You’ll have your hands full with your rapidly-growing flock, as you control everything from the weather to crops in this pasture.

GSN Lingo ($0.99)

Lingo is back with a GSN revival, and an Android game to boot. The word game requires some spelling skills, as you write out as many five-letter words as you can within the allotted three minutes. But if you’re not the best speller, don’t worry. Lingo gives you hints along the way, telling you a letter is in the right spot, or if you have the right letter in the wrong position. Move up to the Lingo round for bonus points, based on the number of correct words guessed. As with similar games, Lingo is all about top scores and leaderboards. You can even win real prizes from GSN, like gift certificates and electronic devices. The more your name appears on a leaderboard, the more times you’re entered for redeemable rewards.

Cosmonauts (Free)

Cosmonauts is a comical take on Cold War’s obsession with space, taking the popular catapult style game to the edge of the galaxy. Destroy your enemy before they destroy you, taking turns launching projectiles at each other. Be wary of other space objects that can alter your launches, like moons and black holes that shift the direction of your missiles or simply suck them up. You’ll need to get creative to earn three-star ratings on your launches, which earn you bonus features to improve your tactics. This multiplayer game is free to download, but it will cost you about $1.00 to unlock all the levels beyond the initial few.

Virtual City Playground (Free)

The sequel to Virtual City expands the franchise for G5 Entertainment. This latest build-it game lets you create a Vegas-style city with various landmarks and areas of interest, like the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Opera. It’s up to you to create a self-sustained metropolis, complete with homes and industrial buildings. Import produce and ship them to various malls around town. Set up public transportation to cart your citizens to parks and stadiums. Be green if you want, by planting trees and building recycling centers. You can play in free-form (sandbox) mode, or take up a challenge, as there’s nearly 100 achievements to earn based on city income, population and its people’s general ethos.

Paper Glider Crazy Copter 3D (Free)

From the makers of Paper Glider comes another version, this time in 3D. With Crazy Copter you pilot a helicopter in a race to the finish line, avoiding burning barns, cityscapes and dodging enemies, all the while trying not to crash. Watch out for falling rocks, missiles and other obstacles along the way. There’s three main stages, with 20 levels each. Use your earned points in the Hot Shop to upgrade your copter, and collect all the power-ups you can. There’s 12 copters to choose from, all of which can be customized as you play.