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Contract Killer: Zombies leads Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Glu Mobile’s released Contract Killer: Zombies, a much anticipated sequel, just in time for the Halloween season. This Android game is enough to get your blood pumping, slaughtering the walking dead at every turn. If you prefer “cutesy” over gory, Pretty Pet Tycoon is a noteworthy launch this week, taking after wildly popular time management games like Paradise Island and Tattoo Tycoon. Gameloft also had another release this week, delivering an HD version of Let’s Golf! 3 into the Android Market.

Contract Killer: Zombies (Free)

This latest release from Glu Mobile raked up plenty of buzz this week, dropping you in the middle of a war against the undead. Protect Evelyn and other survivors in this first-person shooter game, exploring the terrain for wayward zombies. The timing couldn’t be better for Contract Killer: Zombies, as Halloween nears and our growing love for zombie culture returns to prime time with a second season of Walking Dead. But the release may have been a little rushed for Glu — you’ll come across a few bugs and camera angle issues that will hopefully be resolved soon.

Pretty Pet Tycoon (Free)

Despite the game title, Pretty Pet Tycoon is about fruit farming. A sequel to Pretty Pet Saloon, Piglina has moved to the countryside to farm fruit to support her juice cafes. The pretty pets have come along as labor. Manage the harvesting process, shipping produce to market. Work your way up to juice and candy factories, as you buy better equipment, upgrade existing items and manage your time and resources wisely.

Let’s Golf! 3 HD (Free)

The popular Let’s Golf series has been upgraded with an HD version, enhancing graphics for more exciting play. Create your avatar and head to the golf course, putting balls on the green, the Great Wall of China and even outer space. The 3D courses are primed for higher-end Android devices, as Gameloft takes pride in creating colorful backdrops for its games. Let’s Golf! 3 HD is a multiplayer game with support for four golfers and offers local Wi-Fi play as well. New to this release is a pass’n’play option for two players to compete on a single device.

Birzzle (Free)

A super cute puzzle game, Birzzle adds a little action to the mix. It’s a drag’n’drop block puzzle game where you must line up bird blocks of the same type in order to clear them from the board. Once you’ve matched three or more blocks, they explode in a cloud of feathers. Ramp up on points and combos to unlock some useful perks, like a laser to target blocks and whirlwinds that will clear more than a few bird blocks from the board. There’s three game modes to master, from Classic to Pandora (timed) and Ice Break.

Gun Strike Beta (Free)

The first major Android release from Paladin Entertainment, Gun Strike Beta is a comical game of animated warfare. With caricature-like avatars, game graphics are easy on the eyes and have a sense of humor. Fight your enemies with a range of weapons, which you can purchase as you complete in-game tasks. There’s 60 levels to tackle, stretching across six maps and a couple bonus games as well. If you’re into leaderboards, there’s OpenFeint integration for achievements and top scores.

Puffle Launch (Free)

From Disney comes a fun Android game for kids of all ages. A spin-off game from the popular online community Club Penguin, Puffle Launch is an action game that sends this little bird blasting into the air collecting the Puffle Os that have been stolen by the Cranky Crab. With courses that take a cue from Sonic the Hedgehog, Puffle is a daring hero dodging all sorts of obstacles, uncovering a prize at the end of each level. Work your way through all 24 levels to battle the Cranky Crab boss and his mechanical claw at the end of the game.

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