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Addictive Android game Jelly Defense has a unique look and feel

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Jelly Defense has more charm and personality than your typical tower defense game.

The app's graphics have a silly style that's all their own — these guys look like cartoon versions of the stuff you could see under the microscope. The characters have texture to them, making them feel almost three-dimensional, or like they've been cut out from a scene in a Pixar movie.

While a lot of games immediately drive me to hit the mute button, Jelly Defense has a whimsical, fun soundtrack that makes this world come to life.

The game doesn't stray far from other games in the genre. You just have to use strategy and quick thinking to construct towers that will protect the jelly planet from having its emeralds stolen.

The game gets tough really fast, and you'll quickly have to learn how to master the characteristics of each enemy monster and the properties of their corresponding towers. The gameplay is intuitive, and the challenge is so addicting.

Jelly Defense, thankfully, has a very thorough tutorial that's quite fun. Without these careful instructions, I think 90 percent of people would be completely lost.

Overall, Jelly Defense looks great, runs great and, because it's very fun to play, it's an app you'll keep coming back to. The game is definitely worth the $0.99 price tag.

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