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Tap Zoo is an addictive and fun game for animal lovers

by Irfan Choudhury

Tap Zoo is great for kids, but that does not prohibit grown-up animal lovers from taking up the challenge of developing and maintaining a zoo. I not only consider this a fun game, I would also claim that kids can learn a lot from Tap Zoo including patience, facts about animals, caring, organizing and putting things into order. But for adults, this game still remains a nice way to pass the time.

Everybody loves to take care of cute things and Tap Zoo gives you the chance to do that. You get to build and customize your own zoo on a tiny plot of land by deciding which animals to purchase, which to breed and which to feed. After a while, visitors begin to show up. More visitors leads to more revenue. Also, acquired animals produce in-game currency coins within a set amount of time. With the revenue, you can install food stands, exhibits, increase the size of the zoo or add decorations. The more aesthetically-pleasing an experience offered to visitors, the more virtual coins you’ll earn, as well as bonus stars and the ability to ‘level-up.’

Revenue does not generate at a particularly fast speed. Therefore, it takes a long time to collect enough cash for acquiring new animals or adding decorations. There is, however, an option of buying coins by spending real money via in-app purchases.

The graphics in Tap Zoo are nice and colorful with a super-smooth frame-rate. The audio is very pleasant too. This gives the game an almost ‘soothing’ feeling. All the animals are super-cute and the gameplay is seriously addictive.

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