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Great Little War Game tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Some noteworthy games made their way to the Android Market this week. A much anticipated release from Rubicon, Great Little War Game features top-notch graphics. Boulder Dash also made a splash with its Android launch, bringing an ‘80s classic to the Market. Also worth mentioning is Sleepy Jack, a new title from the makers of Cordy. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Great Little War Game ($2.99)

A long awaited release from Rubicon, Great Little War Game (GLWG) is a tactical turn-based strategy game. It’s got a great look and feel, thanks to optimized 3D graphics. Invade your neighbors before they infiltrate your territory, creating a strategy around when and where you’re going to hit. Attack by land, sea or air, deploying your soldiers across all sorts of terrain. Right now GLWG supports pass’n’play multiplayer support, but it’s still worth a play.

Boulder Dash - The Collection ($3.99)

Boulder Dash is a bundle of fun. With a collection of five titles, XBLA has kept the integrity of the original 1980's game that sends you digging and pushing your way through the Earth. Gather diamonds as you develop a plan of exploration across 30 caves and three levels of difficulty. There’s all sorts of special items to collect and secret bonus caves to uncover. Share high scores with OpenFeint and experience all the glory of Boulder Dash by purchasing the additional game packs. As you work your way through all in-app game purchases, you’ll get back to that retro feel complete with old-school graphics.

Sleepy Jack ($0.99)

From the makers of Cordy comes Sleepy Jack, another game with a cute premise and enthralling game play. As young Jack falls asleep, it’s up to you to make sure he catches all his Zs, literally. You’ll also have to take down the monsters trying to infiltrate Jack’s dreams, before they disturb his slumber. Though Sleepy Jack features a different 3D style than Cordy, it still looks just as polished. Optimized for the Xperia PLAY, Sleepy Jack is a lot of fun.

Robot Adventure (Free)

Every robot dreams of flying, and you can help this little guy on his mission to soar the skies. Guide his journey of flight, collecting diamonds and shooting down ememies as you embark on every mission. There’s plenty of obstacles to overcome, and plenty of specialty items to help boost your mission’s success. Get high score records across 32 missions, gliding amidst UFOs and other flying objects in this adventurous game.

Air Penguin (Free)

From Gamevil comes Air Penguin. Guide your winged friends on an ice-chilled adventure to save his family from melting ice caps. Tilt your phone to control your penguin as he journies through the South Pole, bouncing and gliding across the ice collecting items and unlocking special boosts. Avoid dangerous sea creatures and pocket the ones that can help you, across 100+ stages. Already a smash hit on iOS, Air Penguin comes to the Android Market with plenty of fanfare and fun.

Doctor Bubble (Free)

Sure, it’s another bubble shooting game, but we never tire of a classic shooter. Doctor Bubble is the latest, pitting you against a string of microbes that have taken over the board. With varied colors and menacing faces, the microbes are seemingly easy targets. Play Doctor Bubble in two different game modes, each with their own challenges. Whether you like timed games or survival mode, Doctor Bubble is worth a spin.

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