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Guns’n’Glory WW2 tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

HandyGames is back again with a sequel to the popular Android game Guns’n’Glory. It’s a WWII twist on tower defense games, attracting tens of thousands of downloads just days after its release on the Android Market. Gameloft also had a major Android release this week, sporting 9mm HD, done in the famed Max Payne style. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Guns’n’Glory WW2 (Free)

Set in WWII instead of the Wild West, this rising sequel mixes some tower defense game functions with RPG upgrade systems. Send your tanks and troops into combat, reliving the war of the Axis vs. Allies. There’s plenty of strategy needed to win this game, working your way through 12 maps with three difficulty modes. The better your skills and tactics become, the more upgrades you’ll receive, improving your troops in battle. With earned Glory Coins you can buy new weapons and enhance your positioning in the war. Guns’n’Glory 2 has been optimized for Xperia PLAY as well.

9mm HD ($6.99)

With a game named after a gun, you can only imagine what kind of adventures you’ll get with 9mm HD. The latest Android title from Gameloft, 9mm HD puts you in charge of a special ops team, out to take down a local gang leader before they kill you first. It’s an exciting game of bad cops who hate crime, creating a third-person shooter with 3D graphics and plenty of stunts. Arm yourself with a range of weapons, ready for anything that comes your way. There’s a range of locations primed for shoot-outs as you try to clean up the streets. With an option for online gunfights, you can also play up to 12 players on four different maps.

Smurfs’ Village (Free)

With a blockbuster movie and a legacy that spans nearly three decades, the release of Smurfs’ Village in the Android Market has generated plenty of buzz. With familiar characters like Papa Smurf and Handy Smurf and Smurfette, this game lets you build a village up from scratch, from farms to homes. Created under Capcom’s mobile arm Beeline, Smurfs’ Village is becoming a cited example of in-app purchase perks. In exchange for Smurfberries, you can hasten the progress of your village by purchasing special items.

Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds (Free)

G5 is rapid fire with its Android game releases, the latest being a murder mystery that sends you on a hot trail. Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds assigns you to a new investigative unit, the first case a high profile death with a growing list of suspects. Make your way through 12 chapters of clue-hunting, following a storyline worthy of a TV drama. This mystery game is full of mini-games that aid you in solving the case, taking you to forensic labs and beyond as you work past diversions and deceit.

Jelly Defense ($0.99)

Lead the Jelly forces to glory as they fight to defend themselves against invaders. Set in a far away galaxy, the prideful Jelly nation comes together for an epic battle. It’s a colorful Android game that requires strategy and skill to bring down enemy invaders. Build up your defense walls and send out your armies to reclaim the Jellies’ world. There’s over 20 levels with various characters to use and fend off, with different tactics for each situation. Both cute and fun, Jelly Defense will win you over. The 99-cent price tag is a special launch price, so you should get it early before it goes up.

Asteroid Defense 2 ($4.99)

Another sequel, Asteroid Defense 2 sends you back into space with improved graphics and more elaborate game play. It’s up to you to destroy the asteroids before they hit Earth, building your space station accordingly. It’s a galactic spin on tower defense gameplay, equipping your station with the best weapons for different asteroid formations, sizes and situations. There’s shields, laser blasters and freeze cannons (to name a few) so you can arm your space station with the necessary weapons of defense. Asteroid Defense 2 has multiple game modes, a leaderboard and social sharing for high score boasting.

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