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Android App Video Review: Pollushot

by Andrew Koziara

Pollushot is the latest game to be released by YoYo Games, the purveyors of Game Maker. They're the ones that published the excellent Karoshi and They Need to Be Fed. This is a solid game mixing vertical shooter elements with slingshot gameplay, all with an environmental message.

The game has you destroying awful ships that do nothing but shoot things and pollute the atmosphere. You do this by catching falling ammunition, and then tapping and dragging away from your sprite, aiming like a slingshot. For every piece of an enemy you destroy, different kinds of ammunition will rain down, from explosives to triple shots and more. If you miss it all, there is a default ammunition which constantly falls when needed.

After the first enemy, every enemy is completely randomized and you never know what's up next. They each have their own attacks and weak points, and require different strategies. Once you get used to the controls and how to quickly dispatch of the enemies, the game settles into a nice groove. There are three  levels to play on, but to unlock them, you must build up an accumulative score by playing the first level. Level 2 costs a hundred thousand points, and Level 3 costs two hundred thousand.

I like the colorful art style of the game, and the whole game is generally well done, even if it is very simple and repetitive. OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards are supported for the competitive among you, and there are a lot of achievements to nab. This is a one dollar app. Check it out.

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