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Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! offers plenty of humor and fun

by Ian Black

Don’t think too hard about the plot of Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!, you’ll only end up confused. There are two main characters — Sam and the Kamikaze. In the game, I think Kamikaze is the character you control, but I’m not completely sure. That character, for some unexplained reason, has no head, and this makes him really angry. He also has smoking bombs for hands and tight leather pants, and he really wants to kill this guy Sam. Oh, and there are Easter Island-like statues all over the place.

My brain hurts.

Press the left side of the screen to jump (or double-jump) and the right side to attack (some kind of bicycle kicking maneuver) in this side-scroller. You’ll have obstacles to overcome — cacti and missiles — and challenges to score extra points, like kicking a frog seven times or kicking missiles eight times.

The off-the-wall humor works some of the time. If your Rage Meter overloads, you’ll explode into angry bits. After dying, the game will ask “Did you even try?” and you can buy whimsical heads for the Kamikaze in the game’s in-app store.

All in all, it’s fun to play, and making it to the end of a level — where you finally reach Sam — is very challenging, but I imagine it would get old in about as much time as it takes the Kamikaze’s Rage Meter to reach maximum.

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