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Hanging With Friends tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Zynga is on a roll. After the successful release of Words With Friends comes Hanging With Friends, a social spin on the classic Hangman. It’s part of Zynga’s mobile expansion, which had a slower start on Android. Herocraft has also released a new game onto the Android Market, a puzzler called Musaic Box, while Gamevil launched a new RPG, Destinia.

Hanging With Friends (Free)

The latest Zynga game is a new twist on Hangman, making it social and strategic. With this turn-based game, you set a word for a Facebook or Zynga friend to uncover, and they get to do the same to you. Guess the word before your little guy gets the noose, with helpful hints to give you a boost and instant replay for big wins. As with Words With Friends you can play up to 20 games simultaneously, with in-game chat and notifications when its your turn.

Musaic Box ($1.53)

A puzzling new game of hidden objects, Musaic Box is the latest from Herocraft, making you the detective in a harrowing mystery. Find the organ master, who’s mysteriously vanished, completing quests to collect clues to lead you in the right direction. You also collect outlines to musical scores, which unlock puzzles that help you put together all the music you’ve uncovered. It helps if you have a good ear, because you’ll need it to compose music from the outlines you find.

Destinia (Free)

A new RPG from Gamevil, Destinia is an epic game that sends you on a mission to fight the Empire alongside the rebel princess, Crystal. In your effort to take on the Imperial Army, you’re set on a journey to uncover your past and preserve the future of your people. As an RPG, you get a complex storyline complete with characters, job trees to improve your skills and a construction system to create and combine items you need throughout the game. There’s also pets, which you can train to help fight in battles.

City Legends (Free)

Another build-it-and-they-will-come game from Happy Games, City Legends is where you create your own civilization. Add stadiums, business centers, town halls and retail shops, with over 80 types of venues and homes to choose from. Here, you’re responsible for the city’s economy, so buying and selling goods, collecting taxes and keeping citizens happy is important. City Legends is a social game, where you can visit friends’ cities, help them maintain things like repairs, and send gifts. Earn bonuses, vote on friends’ cities and build your ranking amongst other community builders.

Super Stickman Golf (Free)

Super Stickman Golf has made it to the Android Market, with a physics puzzler that’s trickier than it looks. You’ll need all your special abilities to make your way through this course, which throws a lot of different balls your way. Sticky balls, ice balls and nitro balls are just a few of the complex challenges you’re given in this game, with some otherworldly obstacle courses to play. Leverage each ball and unlockable club to your advantage as you think your way through nearly 300 levels in this game.

SketchWars HD ($1.34)

SketchWars HD isn’t just a game about doodling. It’s a hand-drawn battle that takes place on the pages of a notepad. The popular title has been optimized for Android tablets with an HD version, giving you a bigger screen to play on. Using the on-screen touch controllers, you maneuver your ship around the screen, firing at enemy ships and space junk. It’s a quirky way to play a classic arcade fighter.

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