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Wander in the dark toward fun with DarkMaze Android game

by Ian Black

Warning: DarkMaze might cause an increase in tardiness, missed appointments, blown deadlines and other time-management issues. It’s an addictive maze puzzle that includes enough humor, surprises and exciting gameplay that you’re certain to lose track of minutes if not hours.

The main challenge is simple — you tilt your Android device in order to guide a silver ball through a maze. Unfortunately, the lights are off, so you can only see what’s very close and must wander in the dark (as the title suggests) trying to guess where and when the next trap, spike or laser will end your game.

The obstacles keep it fun. Red lasers kill you, while green and blue only shrink and expand the size of the ball. Spikes are deadly, too, and sometimes are attached to boards that shoot out from the walls on springs. Bumpers bounce you, levers open gates, and just when you think you’ve got it figured out, an accidental roll over a button will reverse gravity.

A sense of humor runs throughout the game — levels come with names like “Lab Rat” and “Gravity Problem,” a maniacal laugh accompanies a mistake, and you’ll see occasional warnings like “Red lasers are bad.”

The graphics are excellent. The use of the accelerometer for controlling the ball through tilting is very responsive. It’s a blast, so check it out.

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