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No wheels required for these Android racing games!

by Kristen Nicole

There’s plenty of racing games for Android. Most of them send you around the same track over and again. But who says you need wheels to race? Living on the Gulf Coast I see plenty of boat races, and I was inspired to do a list of Android racing games that switch things up. From jet skis to airplanes, snowboards to horses, these Android racing games are anything but run-of-the-mill.

Wave Blazer ($2.99)

The biggest benefit of driving a boat versus a car is the speed. There’s no limit out on the water, and speedboat racing is one of the most thrilling sports there is. Wave Blazer is a great mobile representation of boat racing, with multiplayer options that let you play iOS gamers as well. With 3D graphics and a handful of single player game modes, you can race courses all around the world, pitting yourself against a live person in an online face-off, or the AI as a way to improve your score. Wave Blazer is also optimized for the Xperia PLAY.

Riptide GP ($6.99)

Jet skis are great for water racing, in real life and on an Android phone. This top-notch game gives you quality graphics, plenty of courses and stunts, and even support for the Gamepad. Designed with the console game in mind, Riptide GP takes full advantage of NVIDIA Tegra-powered devices. Rock the waves with well-practiced stunts, and the faster you can pull these off, the better. It’s a fun game simply for the effects, which offer realistic depictions of foaming water, crashes and more.

Penguin Skiing 3D (Free)

Send these penguins shooting down a slope, racing through the mountains in Penguin Skiing 3D. The penguins must also catch as many fish as possible as they ski down the hill, earning more points along the way. You can also do tricks to earn points and avoid obstacles, braking, turning and jumping through the course. There’s a few courses to try in this game, all with 3D effects. Pretty basic in its gameplay, your score depends most on timing and catching fish.

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Snowboard (Free)

One of the popular Penguin games, Snowboard takes the snow man to the slopes. Racing in the Austrian Alps, the snow man swaps his surfboard for a snowboard to race in a winter wonderland. You’re racing against yourself as well as the penguins in this game, racking up points for the number of tricks you can fit in during your downhill ride. You’ll also need to get your landing right if you want a truly high score. The penguins will come racing down the hill beside you, adding a few obstacles along the way. Bumping into them only makes them angry, and they’ll be sure to go faster during the next race.

Breitling Reno Air Races (Free)

An official game from Breitiling, this airplane racing game is based on the national Championship Air Races that take place annually in Reno, Nevada. Pilots across a number of categories come to compete in the desert. You’ll need more than just speed to be a winner in the Reno Air Races, as each plane requires a different skill set. Choose your aircraft, from warbirds to jets, and race with full 3D graphics and weather effects. The game supports gyroscopic and touch controls, so this is one you can really get into.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D (Free)

This isn’t a game where you’re in the driver’s seat, but instead you bet on the fastest horse. It’s a challenging game to see how much you can win, and it’s plenty easy to lose it all. Run bets any way you can, on up to eight runners per race. You can even check out the horses and their jockeys before placing your bets. The game’s betting system is just as complicated as a real horse race, calculating possible wins to heighten your excitement.

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