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Crime Story tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

A life of crime seems a lot safer when it’s virtual. Perhaps that’s why crime-themed games are so popular. After all, you can’t get arrested if the crime isn’t real. Crime Story is the latest to hit the Android Market, a new title from Game Insight that tails the recent launch of Life is Crime by Red Robot Labs. And if running a gang isn’t enough control for you, G5’s latest time-management game Stand O’Food 3 offers yet another virtual business to play out.

Crime Story (Free)

You’re the presiding Godfather in this tale of corruption and greed, setting out to find your lost brother, take over the town and eliminate your enemies all the while. It’s a game of battle and conquering, as you must amass more regions to grow your empire, setting up a string of businesses to support it all. Fill your arsenal with a variety of weapons, buying your way into a life of crime. Every action you take has its consequences, and can lead you to success or to the jailhouse.

Stand O’Food 3 (Free)

From G5 Entertainment comes another management game sequel, this time in the form of a fast food restaurant that’s opening a branch in Hollywood. You’ve got a fast-paced goal to prepare meals to order, juggling customers, employees and inventory all at once. There is some strategy involved in running a smooth operation, planning your sandwich-making sequences so orders can be filled quickly and according to each customer’s needs. Add more side dishes and update your decor to make your restaurant more appealing. The better you play, the more features you’ll unlock as you strive for “expert” status.

Orbital ($3.43)

Orbital is a fun little puzzle game where you shoot orbs onto a grid, slamming into other orbs to earn points. Do this until you hit the death line, which is your ultimate objective in this game. Filled with retro-style graphics, Orbital is a stylish take on the bubble-shooter theme, with two gameplay modes. There’s also a multiplayer option that pits your shooting skills against another player. With global high scores and addictive gameplay, it’s easy to get sucked into this challenging game. Already popular on iOS, Orbital forges its way onto the Android Market for a broader reach.

Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! ($0.99)

First announced over the summer, Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! finally launches on Android. A new take on the classic Serious Sam game, you’ll find yourself going up against Sam himself as the Headless Kamikaze. Fight your way through 40 levels to get rid of Sam for good, blasting your way through deserts, jungles and other wordly scenes. There’s a heightened sense of excitement in this running game, as you’re chasing Serious Sam throughout each level. As you progress through the game, you’ll uncover more ways to thwart your enemy chase and eventually win the day.

DarkMaze (Free)

Mazes are tricky enough, but they’re all the more frightening in the dark. In this challenging game you roll a marble through a dungeon maze, avoiding obstacles and traps at every turn. You’re in the dark, so you won’t see the danger until you’re right on top of it, so you’ll have to act fast in order to escape to a different route. It’s the darkness that enhances this otherwise run-of-the-mill maze game, taking away the visual cues that would help you plan out your path to the nearest exit.

Beer Pong HD (Free)

As Oktoberfest nears, beer-related games seem to find their way to the Android Market. Beer Pong HD has been updated, in fact, to accommodate this hoppy month of celebration. For starters, those dinky plastic cups have been replaced with hefty German beer glasses, and a specialty Oktoberfest table. It’s quite common for games to roll out seasonal updates to get a boost in gamer interest, and Beer Pong HD is taking full advantage of our love for German ale.

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