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Build your own nation in Android game Empire Story

by Irfan Choudhury

Team Lava have tasted much success with their 'Story' series games like Restaurant Story, Bakery Story and Farm Story. Empire Story is a new addition to the line-up. This one is much more enchanting than the previous ones. In the earlier games, you had to manage a zoo, a house or a restaurant. In Empire Story, you get the chance to build your own Empire instead! As it grows, you become more and more powerful and respected across the world (something I’ve always wanted in real life). Well, it at least came true in the gaming world!

Like other Sim City style games, Empire Story requires the gamer to make decisions on a continuous basis. You can create the empire in any way you want. You can construct houses, castles, arenas, temples, coliseums, architectural wonders and some other gigantic structures in order to advance in the game. And to have the cash rolling in, you need to actively sell and buy goods.

One thing I really liked about this game is the way notifications pops up. They always appear at the right time. For instance, when I tried to sell some goods, notifications came as soon as the trade took place, there was no waiting around.

Interestingly, the game allows gamers to share results, progress and situation with Facebook friends. However, I wanted to conquer my friend's empire but couldn’t -- the game doesn’t allow that kind of complex multiplayer option.

The graphics in the game are simply awesome. The gameplay is equally good. There are more than 60 varieties of homes, buildings, and decorations to choose from which gives the gamer enough options to choose from.

Overall, it’s a ‘must play’ game for people who love Sim City style games.

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