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Android App Tablet Review: Platinum Air Hockey (Pro)

by Phil Hornshaw

Turn your tablet into a touchscreen game of air hockey with Platinum Air Hockey, a game that finds a great use for tablet technology. This is especially true if you play with friends.

Platinum Air Hockey allows you to play either against a computer opponent or human competition. Two players can tap into each half of the tablet screen, or face-off against others via a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. The game is easy and intuitive to play, as players drag their fingers over their paddle to move it around.

The paddles can have some wonky interactions with the puck at times, especially in the corners, and can sometimes slide over it or force it to stop moving weirdly. This isn’t a game-breaking concern, though, and having some make-shift air hockey on hand at all times is still a pretty nice way to alleviate boredom.