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Android App Video Review: Devil Ninja2 (vs Boss)

by Andrew Koziara

Devil Ninja2 (vs Boss) is an action and endless running game hybrid from Droid Studio. The graphics are a bit sharper and the gameplay is a bit better in this sequel, and it’s worth taking a look at.

Like the first Devil Ninja, you double jump and attack your way through enemies and over hazards. By holding the attack button, you can unleash a large magic projectile that will cut through everything in its path. As you make your way through the game, you’ll pick up shurikens and power-ups, such as the ability to summon a dragon or transform into a shuriken yourself. The main difference between the two games, if the title wasn’t obvious enough, is the addition of boss monsters that will take a lot of work to bring down. Once you run out of your three lives, you die and start again.

This game is very basic and feels very amateur. The collision detection is very wonky, and you constantly get hit by something that you shouldn’t, or don’t hit something that you should. Once you’ve already double jumped, you have no control over your landing at all, which is normally fine, but the falling is slow enough that enemies can spawn and mess up your day whether you can react or not. The game can be a lot of fun, but only for so long.

The visuals keep with the same basic aesthetic and scenery, and just tweak them a little bit. The sound effects vary from pretty good to absolutely ear-grating and shrill. I don’t know why the shurikens make such a noise when they’re thrown, but it’s pretty awful. Upon dying, you can submit your score to a leaderboard if you wish. This is a very cool idea which just needs better execution to become great. If everything was a bit more precise and smooth, this could be one of my favorite apps. Regardless, the app is totally free anyway, so go ahead and check it out. Be ready to deal with some rather obnoxious ad placement, though.

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